Tyra Banks Being Sued

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Super model and former talk show host Tyra Banks may be in some deep sh$t, allegedly a contestant on “America’s Got Talent” filed a lawsuit stating that the former model basically made fun of her daughter during taping of the hit show which has not aired. Tyra doesn’t seem like the type of person who would make fun of a child or humiliate them, she created “America’s Top Model,” and she could have humiliated and hurt many women on her show, she had the platform to do so being that it was her show but that isn’t even in her character. Everyone is out for a dollar and they are definitely sue happy, they see Tyra, she has money, she’s successful and beautiful. Let’s ruin her career and take her money at the same damn time.

Allegedly the mother and her husband sang a song together during the taping of the show sometime in March of this year. The song was about bonding with their daughter, who was backstage at the taping with Tyra. The mother of the daughter claims that she and her husband were “humiliated” by the judges, allegedly they criticized their song. Did the parents want the judges to lie or tell the truth about their performance? What does that have to do with Tyra making fun of their daughter allegedly?

According to the lawsuit, Tyra allegedly made fun of the song in front of their daughter while they were performing. So if the parents were performing, how did they find out that Tyra was making fun of them? That isn’t even in her character, the parents were upset due to their song choice and performance which the judges weren’t too impressed. The parents claim that Tyra pulled their daughter’s hair back, physically manipulated her, and basically stated she was accidentally conceived. Who believes Tyra did all of that? Where are the witnesses? Are they serious? Tyra needs to fight this lawsuit, do not settle with these people because that’s all they want is money.

Allegedly, according to the girls mother, she says, “Mary was traumatized and became deeply depressed, Mary would become extremely nervous and anxious whenever, among other triggering events, she hears any mentions of [the] song and [the] song itself, whenever she ruminates about the events during or related to the performance, and whenever she thinks about the prospective televised airing or use online of Jane and her husband, their performance, as well as the airing and use online of any footages of Mary.”

What I have learned when it comes to reality shows, the contestants or reality stars sign waivers knowing they may be ridiculed or made fun of, its part of the show and if you can’t take constructive criticism or a joke, you have no business trying out for a show like “America’s Got Talent,” knowing who the judges are and knowing those judges are going to laugh at you, praise you or humiliate you, that’s what you signed up for, as far as Tyra doing all of the things the parents alleges, I don’t believe it, I call bull sh$t on that.

The lawsuit was filed in L.A. and the suit accuses Tyra of battery and assault, the parents are seeking damages for emotional distress. Oh they are really trying to damage her career and ruin her credibility, are they serious, battery and assault? Sh$t like this will get you killed, this is her livelihood and her reputation, I don’t believe it for a second and I pray that Tyra wins this case, its dumb as f$ck!!

So if the entire panel of judges allegedly criticized the parents song and they felt humiliated, why is Tyra the only person being sued?