Tyga’s New Boo Looks Like Kylie!!

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Tyga definitely has a type, after he and Kylie split earlier this year, he has already moved on to someone else and that someone else is a spitting image of Kylie. Social media is on fire, they can’t believe he has a chick that looks just like his ex.

I don’t really believe these two have split, Kylie has her own reality show debuting this summer and this story will boost up her ratings when the show premieres this summer. This sounds like a publicity stunt if you ask me and the Kardashian/Jenner family are great at publicity stunts.

Tyga and Kylie just broke up a few months ago and Tyga didn’t waste any time moving on to the next chick. Jordan Ozuna is his new boo, sources are saying not only does she look like Kylie but she even dresses like her. Well, that ain’t saying much, its not like Kylie is Ms Fashionista.

Tyga and Jordan were out in public together and Tyga just happened to notice the photographers, he made damn sure to show affection to his boo by hugging her tight and pulling her close to him in an intimate embrace. Jordan has 122,000 followers on Instagram and that’s saying a lot. She

She is supposed to be a model, in fact she has modeled in Kanye West’s shows and that ain’t saying much. Kanye’s clothes are hideous and she should never repeat that again. She is a beautiful young lady but did she get any plastic surgery? We know that Kylie has? Reliable sources are claiming that she wants to be Kylie so bad. If that’s true, Tyga needs to run for the hills.

Tyga was outed in West Hollywood with his new boo at Coachella where Kylie just happened to see him with his new chick and that made her sad. Awe, that’s too bad. Karma is a b$tch, she took Tyga from Blac Chyna so why is she so hurt? Her ego is bruised for now, she and Tyga will be back together. They break up every other month and its getting real old.

Tyga has the right to move on with his life and so does Kylie but I still believe this is a publicity stunt and Tyga is paying his new boo money to act like his girlfriend. Oh by the way, allegedly Tyga’s boo is only 17 years old. He loves robbing the cradle, he must have some deep rooted issues he needs to deal with.