Tyga & Kylie Sue Blac Chyna For Custody!!

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Rapper Tyga and his girlfriend Kylie have decided they want full custody of Tyga and Blac Chyna’s son King Cairo. This sounds some like, “I’mma get a b$tch back.” Blac Chyna has been raising her son and we can see that Tyga is a good father but why request for full custody of a child who is not having any issues? Is it because Tyga and Kylie are trying to get back at Blac Chyna for having a baby with Rob? This is some dumb sh$t and the only person who will be affected is King. And why is Kylie in the mix? She isn’t married to Tyga, she has no rights, girl sit down and get you some Kylie business.

Blac Chyna is preparing to try and win full custody King. In an attempt to hurt Tyga, Blac Chyna, has begun to fight for full custody of their four-year-old son, King Cairo. But if it’s up to Tyga’s boo, Kylie that will never happen.

Kylie has told Tyga that once she’s 18 (on August 10), she’s all his. She has even told him that she’d go to court and testify on his behalf and tell the judge just what an incredible father he is,” a reliable source close to the couple reports.

But until her day in court comes, Kylie’s doing her best to keep Tyga’s mind at ease before Blac attempts to steal his son away.

“She’s told Tyga to cherish each and every second with King,” several sources are reporting. “To love him even harder than he ever has before and continue being a good father.”

Kylie Lip Kit founder and the “Hookah” rapper were “horrified” with Blac and Rob Kardashian recent blowout fight.

Word on the street, Tyga feels Blac Chyna and Rob’s relationship is bad for his 4-year-old son. He wants to take his son away from Chyna, he says his son is not in stable environment with the Rob and Chyna. But King has been with them, if the relationship with Rob and Chyna isn’t stable, why didn’t he request full custody of their son? Why did it take Blac Chyna to request for full custody?

As reports claim that Blac and Rob’s fight turned physical prior to their brief split, Tyga doesn’t want King to get involved with the couple’s fights anymore. While King wasn’t present when “drunk” Blac beat Rob, sources say the little boy has been around for other intense fight between the couple. King allegedly must witnessed Blac and Rob “yelling at each other.”

“Blac Chyna just feels like she’s the more stable parent,” a source reveals. “She has the time and wants to be a hands-on mother with King. Her entire life revolves around her son. She doesn’t think Tyga’s life is set up that way. Blac feels like with Tyga, King’s life revolves around his career and his high school girlfriend.”

And of course, Blac’s main problem with Tyga is definitely his relationship with Kylie. Blac doesn’t have a teenage girl running around her house, throwing temper tantrums. The only one throwing a temper tantrum at her house is King and she is right when she says that.

Tyga really needs to understand what he is requesting, Blac Chyna shouldn’t get full custody because Tyga is a good dad and he is a part of his son’s life. They need to just work out their issues and it doesn’t look like Kylie is going anywhere so Blac Chyna may have to suck that up.