“True To The Game” Teri Woods Movie!!

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If you don’t know who Teri Woods is, you need to find out, she is one of the best authors in the game, I got my writing skills from her and I have read just about every book she has written, she is truly an amazing writer.

The author is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and she worked to become a successful writer and she self-published her novels that dealt with urban fiction and some were based on real events.

She completed her first novel, True to the Game, in 1992 while working at a law firm in Philadelphia. She spent six years submitting manuscripts to several publishers, who rejected her. I definitely know that feeling, I was rejected too many times to count, but a book agent told me to continue sending out my manuscripts because all you need is one publisher to say yes. My first book, entitled “Damaged,” was released in 2008 and my book was urban but based on real events that occurred in my life or friends I came across.

Howwever, In 1998, Teri had copies of her 1st book printed herself and began to sell her book to stores all around the Philadelphia area and, eventually, it paid off because she started Teri Woods Publishing, a self-publishing company that she was able to release herself as well as other authors.

In 2015, it was announced that True to the Game was being produced into a film and if the film is as great as the book, she will succeed even more. This is a movie I am definitely looking forward to seeing.

The film stars Columbus Short, Andra Fuller, Vivica A. Fox, Nelsan Ellis, Evan Ross and Jennifer Freeman. An all-star cast, this movie will be phenomenal and read her other books, she has so many and they are true page turners!! You go Ms. Teri Woods, I am aspiring to write as well as she does and to get my novel on the big screen.