Trina VS Khia

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So word is, two hit wonder Khia is back and trying to go in on Trina on social media, I’m still not understanding her beef with the female rapper. Is she mad because she’s ugly and had two hits in her career? I guess I would be mad too if my breasts, sagged or my teeth and body was f$cked up, then I see Trina with the smooth skin, her snatched body and pretty face, yea I would be feeling some sort of way too, so I guess it makes sense to her but I digress.

Khia has been making some uncalled for shady comments on social media about Trina being a Love & Hip Hop hoe and stripper who f$cked her to the top. Well, if Trina did f$ck her way to the top, that’s Trina business. There are going to always be rumors about anyone whose been in the limelight for years and still successful. Khia just mad because she ain’t Trina, its too much hate in this world. Everybody doesn’t have to get along but at least show respect.

“No the fact that she’s still lying about sucking and f**** for beats, clothes, shoes and a** shots. […] That sour p** been beat up and ran through there.”

Of course, Trina clapped back, she really didn’t need to but she has been quiet for awhile now and I guess she’s tired of this wannabe rapper coming at her and on social media.

“Daaaamn bum a** b*** is obsessed with me,” said Trina. “I don’t understand how a grown a** bum can be so obsessed over another woman.”

Khia hasn’t clapped back but she should stop now, social media is roasting her like a turkey in an oven. She may wanna pay attention to her looks and concentrate on getting those teeth fixed, that body and that face, plastic surgery does miracles.