Trey Songz VS August Alsina!!

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The sexy a$$ Trey Songz did an interview this past Friday on the Breakfast Club and he seems to have an issue with fine a$$ August Alsina. Now, this strikes me odd, I could have sworn Trey Songz and August Alsina claimed to be brothers and now the two have issues? What is the problem with this world today? Why are so many celebrities beefing with each other when they are all successful? Its enough money and women in this world today for the two not to be beefing over some petty sh$t.

Trey has recently been in some questionable situations this year, his beef with Nicki Minaj and his horrible behavior in Detroit where he tore up the stage while performing, allegedly he hit a Detroit police officer because the concert goers cut his music off in the middle of his performance due to the fact he went over on his set. He was arrested and ended up being in a Wayne a County jail, I’m not sure what’s going on with him but his music has always been good.

Nicki Minaj wasn’t the only female performer he had beef with, he also had an issue with Keke Palmer that dragged on forever on social media. He may be going through some personal issues and we hate to watch him fall like Kanye West. These men have so much talent and the beef that grows between them is extremely petty. Maybe that’s why this generation is jacked up, celebrities aren’t role models but kids watch what they do and believe they can follow in their footsteps instead of listening to their parents.

However, I digress, back to the story at hand. Trey stated August had an issue with him and he explains their beef during his interview:

“August was talking crazy a couple years ago and I ain’t want to fight. I don’t want to fight. I want to get some money…There’s other people who got problems with me that I ain’t even address. I don’t want to fight nobody. That don’t prove nothing.”

Allegedly August Alsina is now threatening Trey Songz over comments he made about him. Now, is that a reason for August to want to lay hands on Trey Songz? Everybody talks about everybody and to want to fight someone over words is very petty. These are two grown men, if they need to fight, why air their dirty laundry on social media?

Allegedly Trey and August had issues back in 2014, when August accused Trey of doing some dirty sh$t. I never knew the two had any problems with each other, apparently the beef had been squashed but I guess it wasn’t, the two were just laying low. And now their beef has ignited due to Trey Songz recent interview with the breakfast club.

August responded to Trey saying that Trey can still get that work, meaning he can still get that a$$ tapped. August posted this message on his Instagram:

“When niggas mention yo name in a interview talking bout catching fades but you already offered several fades years ago and will STILL gladly beat his goofy ass & then be cool later 🙂😒 @treysongz @breakfastclubam #NeverTalkingCrazyAlwaysTalkingTRUTH.” “Stretch before you reach next time nigxa! “And don’t mention my name. (Back to the Real World, where real problems exist.),” he added.

Trey responded with his own post on Instagram stating . “I done told y’all people you can’t have my joy! Don’t take yourself so serious, cause I don’t. 😂😂😂 God got me.”

The beef between the two singers definitely makes no sense, this sounds like a publicity stunt. I wish all of these celebrities would stop all this beefing with each other, but if they are, keep it between the two and not on social media. I pray all works out for the both.