Toya Wright VS Liz Milan!!

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Don’t get it the least bit phucked up. Lil Wayne’s baby mama Toya Wright does more than get on national TV and admit to letting her new husband cheat. She’s something of a businesswoman, too.

Wait, but who is Liz Milian, oh yeah she is the sister to Christina Milian and why is Liz relevant? She isn’t, the only reason we know who she is, she is on her sisters reality show and what does she do for a living?? Oh yeah, she is on her sisters reality show. Toya Wright wears many hats, she is black successful business woman, a wife and a mother. She didn’t have the best childhood but she didn’t allow her circumstances to stop her in her tracks and she certainly never hit any below the belt to make herself seem relevant.

After Liz tried to defend her sister against Toya’s shade, by essentially calling her a do a nothing bish who’s only famous for being Wayne’s first baby Mama, Toya clapped back with a resume of what she does when she’s not being petty on the ‘Gram. Boutique, bonnets, books and bundles. Guess that answers that. BOOM!

Liz tried to slam Toya over of a comment she left on a photo of Christina Milan. The image was on Instagram and shows an image of Christina crying when speaking about her break up with Wayne during her reality show Christina Milian Turned Up. Toya commented with three snoozing emojis and Liz decided to respond and jump to her sister’s defense.

“These whack a$$ hoes always trying to come at my sister. Like why? Are trying to stay relevant ? Please tell me one thing you’ve done to become know other than popping out a baby damn near 18 years ago? I think you’ve surfed on that wave for a little too long. This bish needs to get her mind right, focus in her many failed relationships and take many seats,” she wrote, before later deleting.

Toya and Wayne were together from 2004-2006 and have a 16-year-old daughter together. This was way before he started his relationship with Christina Milian.

Wayne and Christina dated for a little over a year before deciding to call it quits. Toya’s claim to fame is not Wayne, she is her own person and Liz has to remember, Christina upload that pic on social media and people are going to talk just as they talk about Toya. She and her husband Memphitz was just on a reality show where she admitted he could cheat on her 8 times a year. That’s not something I can agree with but I’m not married to Memphitz and however their marriage works for them, we have to respect it. You think people didn’t come for her?? Of course, they did.

The shade is real but it wasn’t that serious to bring beef on social media for Toya’s opinion.