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top 20 2016 Reality Couples!!



** Remy & Papoose Love and Hip Hop New York!! I love the bond they have, its refreshing and Pap waited on Remy while she was in prison, that’s real love!

** Yandy & Mendeecees Love and Hip Hop New York Yandy may not be legally married to Mendeecees but their love is real, we hate that they lied but we still love them as a couple.

** Kimbella & Juelz Love and Hip Hop New York this couple has been through some ups and downs but through it all, they are standing stronger than ever.

** Juju & Camron Love and Hip Hop New York this couple are the newbies and I love their chemistry. Juju is beautiful and smart, Camron is fine as heck, they make the perfect couple.

** Drewski & Sky Love and Hip Hop New York I’m not too sure this couple will last, Drewski is fine and women are going to throw themselves on him and Sky is too jealous and that will end their relationship.

** Kandi and Todd The Real Housewives Of Atlanta this couple seems to be complete and happy with their beautiful son Ace and their daughters.

** Nene and Greg The Real Housewives Of Atlanta I love the way Greg caters to Nene, he loves her dirty draws and she loves his. I love to see them happy together and in a much better place.

** Tamra and Eddie The Real Housewives Of Orange County this couple is just gorgeous, they are the perfect match.

** Kyle & Mauricio The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills what I love about this couple, their love is real, you feel it through the tv. I love them as a couple and not too mention they are a gorgeous couple.

** Lisa & Ken Love and Hip Hop Beverly Hills I love Lisa, she dresses immaculate and the love she has for Ken is so beautiful.

** Don & Ashley Black Ink Crew Chicago Don and Ashley have had their ups and downs, maybe marriage will work for the two but I doubt it. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

** Keke & Michael Marriage Boot Camp I love Keke, she can sing but she has some demons she needs to work out, her husband adores her and she better straighten up before he moves on, he is a good catch.

** Karen & Storm Marriage Boot Camp I really love this couple, even when they are fighting. They love each other, Storm is a man and what he says go and Karen is not afraid to go toe to toe with him but at the end of the day, they do love each other.

** Ray J & Princess Love and Hip Hop Hollywood I love the Ray has matured and I’m happy that he married Princess, she definitely loves him.

** Lyrica & A1 Love and Hip Hop Hollywood One of my favorite new couples. They really love each other and watching them together is priceless.

** Lashanda & Al Married To Medicine Houston the new it couple of reality tv. They are both gorgeous, funny and lovable. I fallen in love with them alread

** Dr. Simone & Cecil Married To Medicine I definitely love this couple, its rare to see a black couple raising sons today and they have that love that everyone wants.

** Evelyn & Carl Livin’ Lozada I’m glad to see Evelyn in a different place in her life, she seems to be happy but when is the wedding?

** Quad & Dr. Greg Married To Medicine I so love the chemistry between these two. They do love each other.

** Mariah & Aiden Married To Medicine what I like about this couple, Aiden will ride and die for his wife. He loves her unconditionally and so does she.

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Rags To Riches

LHHMIA Recap!!



Love and Hip Hop Miami Recap!! Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, he looked like a chicken on crack when he ambushes his boyfriend Rodney who was with his boyfriend Malik. Yes, its very confusing, but Bobby tried his best to get at Malik, he made himself look real stupid and that’s why Trina can’t f$ck with him, family or not.

This ratchet a$$ Shay is always in some damn drama, whether its with a man, woman or even a dog. She’s just not a happy person and its written all over her face. During Princes event, Shay and Prince’s girlfriend show up without him even knowing. Prince flirting with Gabby, she used to date P from Pretty Ricky, so yes, just follow along if you can. When Shay saw Gabby, it was on and popping, Gabby threw a drink on Shay and she went ballistic, like s deranged psycho.

Somewhere out of the blue, here walks Chinese Nicky, she has Prince and Gabby’s back, she was ready for a throw down. Chinese Nicky jumped in the fight to help Gabby but security rushed in quickly and escorted Shay out. Shay is too old to be acting like a teenager, you kill them with kindness. You don’t always have be the loudest person in the room, they see you. She needs some etiquette classes as soon as possible, she is making herself look real stupid.

Shay is mortified, she can’t believe her ex Scrappy posted a video with “the momma” aka Chinese Nicky knowing that she fought her. Scrappy is not Shay’s man, he can post whatever pic he wants on HIS INSTAGRAM!!

Shay says, “All I know is somebody did a weak b—h move, snuck up behind me and pulled my hair.” Chinese Nicky tries to diffuse the situation but things escalate when Chinese Kitty comes to the defense of her girl “Mint Chocolate,” a.k.a. Gabby. Chinese Kitty exclaims that she “ain’t weak” and seeing that Shay brought backup, Nicky feels that she came to fight.

I know Shay needs her coins but she better go buy a clothing store or nail shop to invest in, her behavior is so immature, hood and ghetto. She also needs anger management classes, she has to get anger in order. And because of her bad behavior, Pleasure P broke up with her, the attitude and the fighting has to stop. She needs to look in the mirror and reflect on her actions and seek some professional help! Also, her wigs are jacked up, give her the right hairstyles, she look a hottttttt assssssss messssssss!!

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Rags To Riches

Khia Is Talking Recklessly About Toya To Reginae



Khia, one hit wonder is acting like Azealia Banks, they blame others for their failed careers. Khia now wants to go at Toya Wright through her daughter Reginae Carter. Khia always looks so dirty to me, does this trick ever take a bath? Yesterday, Khia went way too far allegedly revealing information to Toya’s daughter Reginae about her family history.

How does Khia know about Toya’s reputation when she has never been a friend to her. Khia seems miserable, her career never took off and lately she has been on social media poking fun with various artists. Now if I was Toya, I would wait for my baby to be born and tap that a$$ or pay somebody to do it for me. She had no business telling Reginae nothing, she knows how to find information on the internet about her mom if she needed to.

After Khia tried to come for Toya, for her pregnancy and refusing to give up her last name, Memphitz, which was her ex-husbands last name, its none of Khia’s business if Toya drops Memphitz as her last name or not, what does broke a$$ Khia have to do with Toya and her pregnancy? We all know when you come for Toya or Lil Wayne, Reginae will clap back so quick, your head will be spinning. Reginae rides for her mom and her dad, she loves them both, so when you come for her parents, she is coming for you.

Khia is dirty, is she mad at Toya because of how she looks, dresses, always get the men with money and she slays every time you see her. Yea if I looked like the creature from the blue lagoon, I would be mad also. Khia is shady as HELL, she made sure to share what she allegedly knew about the father of Toya’s baby on social media. Did Toya do something to her or is she just jealous of her? I’m gonna go with jealous, she needs to get that whack ass hair done and get those teeth fixed before going after somebody.

Toya clapped back at Khia and her daughter Reginae stepped in to clear the air, she’s “19, now” and she can say what she wants and if that’s means riding for her parents, so be it.

“Khia old dirty a*s, worrying about other people all the time,” Toya said on Instagram Live. “Go make you a hit!”

Reginae said, “Let me see. My mother is pregnant right now. She don’t need to be addressing this but let me tell y’all something. I’m 19, now… When was your last hit? ‘My Neck, My Back?'”

Khia needs to sit down somewhere and quit worrying about other people’s lives, she may wanna focus on a career, any career, she’s always been a one hit wonder to me.

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