Tommie Fired From LHHA!!

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Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, this season has been on and popping. According to the streets, it appears that Mona Love Scott has officially fired Tommie from the hit reality show. Damn, she was growing on me, but she can’t keep her anger in check, its always a fight with her. She has two daughters, she has to straighten herself out, especially for her daughters.

Allegedly, Tommie was a huge threat, to the show, producers and the cast, they had to let her go. Reliable sources close to the rumors claim that Viacom, the actual owners of VH1 demand the producers fire her. Tommie really could have changed her ways like her nemesis Joseline and she could have been apart of the hit reality show for as long as she wanted. Again its her temper, she was in anger management, obviously she didn’t complete it, but we did see her try to remain calm and make a few changes in regards to her anger, but after being a fighter your entire life, we can’t expect her to change overnight.

Tommie was fired just a few days ago, the show is in middle of filming as we speak for the next season in Jamaica. Love and Hip Hop moves extremely quick, the reunion show hasn’t even aired yet.

Tommie’s past is incredible, she has like 20 mugshots or more, which is why she has a number of fans and why fans and viewers quickly lashed onto her. The way she grew up in foster homes, juvenile detention centers while her mother was in and out of her life definitely affected her and made her who she is today. She had to learn to fight to defend herself and that is her issue now.

Allegedly, she was arrested last month for allegedly attacking Karlie Redd. Tommie is still mad as HELL at Karlie, when she learned last season that the nasty THOT HOE slept with her then man, Scrapp DeLeon behind her back while being her friend, Tommie has been wanting to get at Karlie as many times as she could. Real talk, any woman would have been pissed with Karlie for sleeping with their man behind they back, its just foul and desperate. She deserved that a$$ beating but with Tommie’s past and her criminal history, I guess the producers couldn’t continue to risk the show or the cast with her violent behavior and that’s sad.

VH1 had to reiterate to the cast that there is a no zero tolerance in place when it comes to fighting. Tommie was allegedly arrested by Atlanta police for beating Karlie’s a$$ and hitting her in the face. The fight occurred when Karlie called Lovely Mimi a “clown,” and Tommie likes Lovely Mimi and she is new in Atlanta so for Karlie to call her clown was foul a$$ HELL!!

However, Lovely Mimi can handle herself, Tommie just wanted to f$ck nasty a$$ Karlie up and that was a good enough reason for her. On the premiere episode of the hit reality show, Tommie was arrested for allegedly threatening Joseline who took out a restraining order on her and that happened back in September 2016.

While the cast is filming in Jamaica, Tommie is having the time of her life in Miami. One monkey don’t stop no show, I hope she gets her anger in check and if she does, she can thrive in this industry. Although, Tommie was growing on us, we will miss her, she brought some real flavor to the show.