Tiny, T.I. & Side Chick Bernice Burgos!!

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T.I. and Tiny have been struggling with their marriage for a few years now and rumors have circulated around the globe that T.I. has a side chick and she has a baby by him. T.I. has not confirmed or denied those rumors but it looks like Tiny may believe them.

The hip hop couple filed for divorce last year and we learned that their divorce is on hold at this time. Maybe the two are trying to work it out seeing as though they had a beautiful daughter named Heiress last year. But we can’t jump to conclusions, it does appear that T.I. doesn’t enjoy being single.

Tiny is aware of her husband’s alleged side chick and she is definitely not losing any sleep over her husband and alleged side chick Bernice Burgos. It has been reported by several reliable sources that T.I. has been seen in several cities with this Instagram model Bernice. I’m still confused on what an Instagram model really is. HELL, I didn’t know Instagram was hiring models, goes to show how I’m so far behind with social media.

It really isn’t a good look for T.I. to be seen with this young lady in public if these rumors are true. He does have children and most times the children become affected more than the parents. By T.I. and Tiny being who they are, I’m sure the kids at their school have a lot to say about what’s going on in their home. Although, they have no idea and neither does the fans, when the couple is at home, we have no idea what goes on behind closed doors. It does appear that T.I. may be moving on with Bernice and maybe that’s why he has no issue with parading her around town.

I’m sure Tiny is hurt, she was ride or die for T.I. especially when he was set up and went to jail over guns and drugs. She has paid her dues especially being the mother of his 3 kids and a step-mother to his other 3 kids by 2 different mothers. Not a lot of women would stand by a man with that many children and legal issues. I have to give it to Tiny, she’s seems to be strong and she hasn’t come out of character, she continues to be that strong mother and woman for her children and for herself. But to see your husband all over the blogs with another women is not only hurtful but embarrassing.

Whoever this Bernice is, she knows T.I. is married and has a family, she needed to walk away from him until he divorced his wife, but as a THOT, she only cares about his money and who he is. She has Tiny’s leftovers, but I wish T.I. and Tiny would work it out their marriage rather than going through a divorce. Since the divorce is on hold, maybe that’s a good sign that the two are working it out.

Tiny really isn’t holding on to any resentment towards her husband and the fans love and support her. On Thursday, a fan on Instagram applauded her for deciding not to “buss T.I. up side his head with a bottle of Hennessy.”

Tiny responded to her fans on Instagram assuring them she’s not concerned by her husband’s alleged side chick. We’re not sure if these two will actually get a divorce but we are praying that they won’t. We love their chemistry and their reality show, we will miss them if they divorce. It’s like we got a chance to see how they really lived and how they parented their children.

Wishing them all the best, I still like T.I. but if he is cheating on Tiny, that’s wrong but that still won’t change my opinion of him because I love his music and I love how he is apart of all of his children’s life and how he looks at Zonnique as his very own. Not too many men out there who would take on that responsibility.