Tiny & Bernice Feud!!

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There are always three sides to a story, her side, his side and the truth lies somewhere in the middle. When a couple is married and they have filed for divorce, it does not mean their marriage is over until that divorce decree is signed by the judge. Side chick wannabe’s who have never been married wouldn’t understand this logic and in their small brains, they feel if one of the married parties filed for divorce, then somehow that married man is free to do whatever he pleases and that is further from the truth.

This alleged side chick wannabe Bernice Burgos who is allegedly with TI, but he has never confirmed they were ever in a relationship and I could have sworn a few weeks ago, this same chick said that she and TI were just good friends and she would never mess around with a married man. Word on the street, she is allegedly known everywhere and that’s not a good thing. She is what, almost 40 years old and she’s an Instagram Model and a wannabe rapper with a grown daughter who tried to check Tiny about her mom. First, she needs to handle home, your child should never know your business, plus at 36 years old, girl sit down somewhere, for real, no one is claiming you broke up a home and to say that their home was already broke, they have children together. Check your emotions at the door, just like your daughter tried to come for Tiny, her daughter could come for you, slow your roll.

Rumors about this alleged relationship began circling after it was rumored that the pair started commenting on each other’s Instagram pages. This past weekend, Bernice tried it, she wants to go after fans for siding with Tiny but she has to realize that she is putting this mess out here for people to feed on. If you’re not messing around with TI, that’s good but you don’t owe anyone an explanation about you.

She goes off on Instagram after a fan of Tiny’s accused her of being a serial homewrecker. A serial homewrecker, does that mean she has wrecked other married celebrity homes?

Bernice responds to the fan, “I had enough of the bullsh*t fake a*s stories! Always been a home wrecker? That home BEEN broken,” she stated on Instagram, so, how can she say that home has been broken if she isn’t with TI in a personally way? She so confusing, I think its that small brain, the size of a pea.

She doesn’t consider him to be married due to the couple filing for divorce, dodo bird, just because they filed for divorce doesn’t mean they are divorced. He is still a married man, what the f$ck is this chick talking about???

She continues and she gets dumber with time, what the f$ck?? “I’ve NEVER dealt with a married man in my life so please STOP trying to declass my character and my name!” she posts on Instagram. “Technically when a person files for divorce it’s saying they’re moving on with their lives & the marriage failed.”

No dumb trick, their marriage has to be finalized and signed by a judge, if TI were to die the next day without him being legally divorced from Tiny, as the wife she gets it all. The side chick wannabe gets nothing because he is still legally married. I feel like I’m teaching a class to dumb side chick wannabe’s.

She’s still not done, she dug up Tiny‘s shade toward her dating history, stating, “NEVER have I been passed around I dealt with 1 man in the industry and now all of a sudden I’m a pass around?”

And that’s what her daughter said to Tiny on her Instagram but really, she has no idea what a mother would do to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Tiny has nothing to prove to a side chick, she is still married to TI and until their divorce is granted, they are still a married couple, speaking from a married woman. B$TCH I WISH YOU WOULD!!