TI & Tiny Celebrate Deyjah Sweet 16

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The King and Queen of the south has apparently put their divorce drama away, well, at least for now. Word on the street, the couple may be reunited as they are caught hanging out together on the low low. But, they do have children together, I’m sure TI is hitting it when he wants, Tiny is the mother of his three kids, so lets not jump to conclusions everybody.

TI and Tiny celebrated daughter Deyjah’s 16th birthday and I almost didn’t recognize her. She’s a beautiful young lady and I know TI is not only proud of her but very protective of her. Deyjah has always been the quiet and shy little girl on their reality show, it looks like the shy and quiet girl has disappeared. We have watched them all grow up basically on reality tv, so to them today is amazing.

Deyjah’s mother Niko and TI shared pics of himself, Deyjah and other family members as they posed in front of the party’s step and repeat, TI left a beautiful message to his daughter Deyjah on his Instagram:

“My Baby’s a Super Sweet 16 now!!!! @princessofdasouth. And Me, along wit all her Uncles, her Big Cousins, her Lil Bros & her Big Bros @phase4 @domaniharris1 Have an obligation to protect her & ensure her safety from all hurt harm or danger. Now PLAY WIT IT!!!!” he wrote. “#ComingOuttaRetirementAboutHer💥#ProudPops #AlwaysWillBeMyBabyDeyjah #HappyBirthdayBabyGirl”

Tiny also posted a cute pic of herself and Deyjah as she captioned a sweet message on her Instagram as well: “A family affair…at our gorgeous baby @princessofdasouth Sweet 16 party @msniko_,” the Xscape member captioned the ‘gram.

Deyjah’s is really 16 years old and to see their blended family come together to support her as a family means, the world to her. With her step-mom and dad going through their drama, they needed this, something happy and family orientated. Her birthday isn’t about the saga or the drama with TI and Tiny, things will work itself, its about her growing up and turning into a beautiful young lady.

Happy sweet 16 Deyjah, she looks absolutely beautiful, any little boy that tries to get with her, will have to get through her dad first and that’s not always a good thing.

Imagine if you were a 16 year old gorgeous young lady and your father was TI, I think the boys that will try to date her, will not want to meet TI or the boys that will try date her, may be dating her to get close to TI. That’s a double edged sword, good luck Deyjah, with a father like TI, she is blessed and so is the entire Harris family, they have beautiful parents along with their blended family.