Thotalicious Amber Rose Goes Live

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Thotalicious Amber Rose is either high on drugs or somebody slipped something in her drink. You would think after her appearance on Dancing With the Stars last year, she may have tamed herself down a little bit. Watching her dance on the show, we did get to see a different side to Amber and she may have fooled some people, but never me. A hoe is a hoe and will always be a hoe!!!

She has used her body to get what she wants and I guess being a former stripper, that’s all she knows or that’s all she wants to know. She has a son, he will be old enough to read about her and see naked pics of her on the internet. I guess that doesn’t matter to her, or me either. But how will she address those questions with her son? That will be an interesting conversation, unless she avoids it all together.

But now, naturally she has to do something huge for her fans, she’s been a little stale lately, she had to get back popping on InstaGram. She went on Instagram Live with some chicks who claims are her friends but whatever, Amber talked for twenty minutes about all the rappers she wants to f$ck. Okay, so how does that make her look like a responsible mother and a single woman? Any real man or rapper shouldn’t want her after she went live indicating the rappers she wants to f$ck.

No matter what, she is not a role model but its unfortunate that young girls really look up to her and the only thing she is teaching them, is how to f$ck for money. What advice would she give her son if the shoe was on the other foot? She’s a classless hoe who believes a woman can be a slut and there’s nothing wrong with that in her head. That’s why I believe she was dropped on her head as a baby and has never recovered.

That could be the reason why her head so damn big. Its time for Amber to grow up and close her legs, that vagina doesn’t look clean at all.

She is allegedly dating NFL’s Odell Beckham but maybe they are just friends with benefits. He should never want to take her home to meet mama, she doesn’t respect herself and a mother will never respect her. She actually went live for twenty whole minutes discussing which rappers she wants to f$ck. That says a lot about her character and why she’s a HOE!! Check out the video below and you will see for yourself, Amber’s hoe behavior.