The Return of Dallas

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The return of Dallas last night was epic. Dallas always leave you wanting more. You don’t know who you like the best between John Ross and Christopher Ewing. John Ross has this swag and good looks that make you want to watch just for him and Christopher has a quiet swag but you want him more and more. The story line doesn’t really matter, but the writing for Dallas is always a gem.

Wow, John Ross marries Chrisopher’s ex-wife Pamela Barnes who is the daughter of villain Cliff Barnes. Her aunt Pamela happens to be Christopher’s mom but not biologically, he was adopted but its still too close for comfort. John Ross is having an affair with Emma Ryland whose father is Harris Ryland currently incarcerated due to Emma. She is now the executor for the Ryland estate, once she had her father locked up, she was on a roll with J.R. Ewing. Her mother is Ann Ewing who is currently married to Bobby Ewing. Yes, they all live in the same house, Southfork which Ellie Mae left to John Ross upon J.R. Ewing’s death. Bobby doesn’t agree but he really doesn’t have a choice. Does all this bring back memories from the original Dallas?

Elena is in bed with Cliff Barnes while he is incarcerated in a Mexican jail due to being set up and framed for J.R.’s death. The plot was so well put together, no wonder J.R. was a shrewd business man, he pulled no punches. Elena finds out through Cliff Barnes that J.R. stole her fathers land so together they are planning to destroy the Ewing’s and get Barnes Global back. When Cliff found out his daughter Pamela married yet another Ewing and set him up, he was confused. He did kill her twins and that is something he needs to pay for. Elena and Christopher broke up because she was still in touch with her brother Drew who placed the device that killed his twins on the ship.

Anticiating next weeks episode, Sue Ellen is thrilled about J.R & Pamela getting married and she wants to have a real wedding for them. Emma is living there as well pretending like she cares, but we know she doesn’t because she is sleeping with J.R.