The Real Side Chicks Of Charlotte Airing Soon

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Reality television has really taken a turn for the worse, how can a show about side chicks be good for reality television? We have The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, Love & Hip Hop and coming soon is Baller Wives but now there is a reality show about side chicks?

Back in the day, if you were married to a politician or a professional athlete, the side chick was kept on the low, in today’s world, the side chick and the wife is out in the open and they seem to have no issues. I’m good, I’m from the old school and I will never play second to anyone, side chicks have no rights, no respect for themselves or the wives and he has no respect for his wife or the side chick. Even when they find out he’s married, they continue with that married man. He doesn’t respect a side chick nor his wife so now we want to glorify side chicks by allowing reality television to air the lives of these tramps? Its hard to swallow and because I’m a blogger, I am forced to watch a show that I wholeheartedly don’t agree with.

I really thought this show was fake news, but apparently its not, these chicks have been interviewing all over about the show and the meaning of side chicks. The show is airing soon and we will soon be able to tune in to The Real SideChicks of Charlotte.

According to WCNC, the series will feature seven self-proclaimed “side chicks” who are proud of it.

“This show is based around the side chicks perspective, using men for money the same way men use them,” producer Pete Pitrelli said. “These women have no desire to be wives/main chicks, they are perfectly okay with their positions and want nothing more than to have fun.”

The show’s Instagram page, @therealsidechicksofcharlotte, has already started introducing the cast to the world. Side chicks are usually quiet, by going on this show and airing their dirty laundry, won’t they mess up what they have? I really don’t care, its just a question, it looks ratchet as f$ck and these ugly a$$ hoes can’t be any baller or entertainers side chicks!!