The Creep Squad!!

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Love and Hip Hop New York, Peter Gunz is back with a vengeance. Peter attempts to restore order to the Creep Squad, only to have it blow up in his face.

The Creep Squad gets together for drinks and cigars and I’m not sure why they are all okay with being called the creep squad but if they like it, I love it. DJ Self tells Rich Dollaz and Peter Gunz that he took it upon himself to kick Cisco out of the Creep Squad after Cisco went behind his back and tried to sign MariahLynn.

The two exchange some heated words at Mariahlynn’s performance, and it was Mariahlynn who escalates the argument even further when she clarifies that she was still planning on signing with Self. DJ Self then declares that Cisco isn’t in the Creep Squad anymore, and that’s when all bets of Cisco being civil are off. He comes quickly for Self, but luckily security comes even quicker.

Self admits “I did something a little out of my ranking.” Rich applauds Self’s action and doesn’t think Cisco deserves membership. That’s when Peter reveals his beef with Cisco.

According to Peter, Cisco blocked him from a $10k gig. “That’s taking food out of my kids’ mouth,” says Peter, who’s about to become a father again for the tenth time. “And as a father, that’s as foul as it gets.”

And we all know Peter needs that money with the boatload of kids he has. I agree Cisco was wrong for taking money out of Peter’s hands but when Peter demanded an apology and his $10k, it got real between these two grown a$$ men who are fathers.

Cisco’s confused about how Self thinks he can kick him out of something that he himself started, and thinks the low blow is enough of a reason to quit dealing with him as a friend.

When Cisco reached in his pocket and pulled out a stack of money, he told Peter he would never apologize to him but he did take money out of his pocket by revealing he was the one who cancelled Peter’s show. He told Peter to come and take the money from his pocket if he can and that pissed Peter off. Cisco is a huge guy but he seems real petty, he is doing some sh$t women would do. But Peter is no h$e, he goes for Cisco but Rich and security interfered and broke up the fight. Peter climbed over the table to get at Cisco, that was stress and frustration all over him and he was going to take it out on Cisco. I’m curious as to how all of this will play out with these men.