The Black Chyna Dolls

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Okay, I’m a huge advocate for black dolls, growing up, my parents and my grandmother never purchased a white doll for me, that doll always had to be black. When I look at my mother and grandmother, I see strong black woman, I understood why the black doll was important. In my opinion, when you are a black child, you should purchase your daughter a black doll who represents black woman.

Blac Chyna is investing in anything that makes sense to her, she is definitely an entrepreneur. She came from the strip clubs, she didn’t make that her career, she has a beauty bar in California, she has appeared in several videos and on the cover of several magazines. I applaud her for moving from the strip club to being her own on boss, she loves being featured in music videos but with time, comes age and now she has to invest in a business that will grow and leave a legacy for her children but the Blac Chyna Dolls, I’m not so sure how that will play out in any stores.

Now that Black Chyna has come out with her own Blac Chyna dolls, she revealed her new line of dolls in LA last night. I’m somewhere in the middle. I appreciate the fact that she believes that this is a great idea, however, I think the plastic surgery, piercings and the tattoos are an issue. When your child chooses a Blac Chyna doll, she can’t identify with that doll and her doll could cause issues within that child if she isn’t blessed with the big butt and huge breasts even as a little girl.

Chyna’s dolls, are 3-D, kinda confused about the 3-D, what does the doll do? Move, talk or dance? I don’t know, I’m stomped but Chyna’s dolls will feature her big butt and a smile along with her huge breasts. One of the dolls will have Chyna with a blonde bob and bodysuit and the other doll will feature her red hair and a body-con dress. Not the best example for young girls, at least in my opinion.

So who are these dolls geared for? My children or nieces would never get a Chyna Doll from me. I can’t see the benefit of her dolls, maybe she can sell them online or on porn site.