Taryll Jackson On Iyanla Vanzant!!

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We all remember the Jackson Five, they were the group of black kids that could dance, sing and play instruments. They hit the big time, but life at home with their abusive father wasn’t so great. Michael Jackson was the star from the outset, he eventually had a solo career that made millions as well as many Grammy Awards. When Michael passed away he left three children in the care of his mother and now they are growing into mature adults. He will never be forgotten and his music still lives on.

Janet Jackson was another breakout star, she began acting on Good Times and other sitcoms as well as a host of movies. She has won many Grammy’s and had several hits, she is now married with a son.

“The Jacksons: Next Generation” are the children of Tito Jackson, back in the day they were known as 3T, an R&B group. Last year, the three brothers decided to open up their lives and their homes to fans and viewers on Lifetime. We were able to see how the Jackson kids grew up and how they managed to remain as humble as they are.

The brothers have toured the world and sold more than three million records worldwide just off their debut album. They were deeply impacted by the loss of their mother, Dee Dee, she was found dead at a home in California in 1994. The boys were told that their mother had died accidentally in the pool. Her death actually happened at her boyfriend’s home, a 59 year old businessman whose name is Donald Bohana. Dee Dee’s sons were convinced that someone killed their mother, but after the police reopened the case, the autopsy report found that her death was not an accident and her body had several injuries everywhere. Her sons are raising their children and managing to live each day as it comes with their own families. TJ has taken on the role as guardian to Michale’s three children due to Katherine’s failing health. He has children and a wife of his own but he really loves Michael’s children and it was evident when we were able to get a glimpse inside the their lives.

However, I was surprised to see that Taryyl Jackson will be airing his dirty laundry on Iyanla Vanzant’s Fix My Life Show this coming Saturday. The Jackson’s are a very private family, so for him to seek help from the one of the greatest who tells it like it is and how she sees it, is a miracle in itself. He had to get paid a whole lotta coins to do this show and I’m sure his family doesn’t approve, but this is his life and his family and if he needs help, so be it.

Iyanla visits the former R&B group 3T and nephew of the late superstar Michael Jackson, Taryll Jackson, needs to understand the issues he has that lay beneath him while his relationship with the mother of his children and girlfriend of 10 years is going to HELL in a hand basket. Anyone who loses their mother the way they all did will have unresolved issues. I’m sure that has a lot to do with what he has to deal with. Taryll is OCD, he likes everything to be in order, when he schedules a job or a meeting, he expects everyone to arrive early but everyone isn’t like him. Hopefully, he can salvage his relationship with his girlfriend, they have the most adorable children.

We’ll have to tune in next week to see how all of this unfolds!!