Tamar Catches It From Tiny’s Mom!!

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It is so much social media beefs right now and all I can say is, social media is definitely giving people some type of confidence. But when you are sitting behind a computer, social media thugging, you’re not real!! Its what I would call, fake and phony as two left shoes, you hear, fake as f$ck, phony as f$ck as two left shoes.

Back in the day and trust me when I say, I don’t mean 20 years ago, when you had beef with a person, you had beef. It wasn’t hidden behind a computer, a cell phone or written down on a piece a paper, you confronted the person face to face or you let it go.

Last week on “The Braxton’s,” I do recall Tamar saying she wanted another child but I kind of let that one slip past me because I wasn’t sure she was serious. Well, after the shade that Tiny’s mom through her way, I can definitely say I was wrong. Tamar went on Instagram and posted a pic of a baby girl and stated she wanted a daughter.

I really believe Tamar wants a daughter because Tiny has a beautiful daughter. Remember Tamar never wanted any other children except for her son Logan. All of damn sudden she wants a daughter? HELL, I feel the same way as Tiny’s mom, isn’t Tamar the God Mother of Heiress Harris? But, Tiny’s mom wasn’t playing with Tamar, she may have been surprised to get this shade from her, but she is a mother and a grandmother. You don’t hurt her child or her grandchild, Tamar knows this, her mother doesn’t play about any of them. And because she and Tiny may not be speaking, that has nothing to do with her being a God Mother to Tiny’s daughter.

Now, I may not want the woman who I’m beefing with to look after my child even if she was the God Mother, so we may not really know what is really going down between Tamar and Tiny, all I can say is, a mother is a mother until the end, she will protect hers no matter what.

Under Tamar’s pic of a baby girl that resembles her on Instagram, Tiny’s mom Dianne commented, “Why don’t you claim your god daughter Heiress. Just because you don’t talk to her Mom.”

So far, Tamar has not responded, maybe because she knows not too. The beef between Tamar and Tiny has something to do with her being fired from “The Real,” and Tamar having an issue with Tiny having her friends back as they guest judged on a show she was let go of. Tamar fell out with Monica and Toya too, but if these are your friends, you support them no matter what, as they have supported her.

Tamar was on “The Real,” what a few years and Toya, Tiny or Monica was never asked to be on the show allegedly, sources claim that Tamar didn’t want them on the show and she did what she could to prevent them from allegedly being on the show. Now, you see how God works, how can you expect to continue living the way you live when you shady as HELL!! Yes, I was one of Tamar’s biggest fans, but its just too much shadiness around and I don’t like it!!