Stevie J “You Are The Father”

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Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J’ new show on VH1, “Leave It To Stevie,” premiered, a cute little reality show with his children and a few of Atlanta’s fines, Yung Joc and Scrappy.

The DNA results are finally in and in the case of Joseline Hernandez’s unborn baby girl, Stevie J the father. Now, he knew he was the father, we all know Stevie loves a good publicity stunt and he loves to give the women in his life a hard time but The Puerto Rican Princess is a different type of woman, as hard as he comes for her, she will go for him.

These two have been going at it for months, Joseline trying to get Steebie to pay child support on a baby that was delivered and he still hadn’t taken the DNA test. But these two crave attention, not from each other but the outside world as well.
unfortunately, and he’s confirmed he IS the father of the baby Joseline Hernandez is squeezing out within the next month.

Stevie’s DNA test result showed he is the father, according to new docs he filed, asking for visitation rights but also for primary physical custody. Now, what Judge is going to hand over a new born baby girl to the father who already has a boat load of kids and just left rehab? Can you say confused? I know these two aren’t going to be playing with this child’s life.

Joseline is due Jan. 9, and in the docs he says he absolutely wants to be in the delivery room. Stevie’s repeating his request for Joseline to be drug tested because he claims she’s abused drugs and alcohol throughout her pregnancy, and fears it’s effected the fetus. He wants the infant drug tested within 24 hours of birth.

I’m pretty sure she has already been tested for drugs and alcohol, but maybe not. All this petty fighting among the parents of an unborn child can affect the baby. They really need to stop with games and being mean and ugly towards each other.

The docs include a text message he says came from Joseline — “You will never see your daughter f*** n****.”

Wow, I really pray they have a come to Jesus moment for this child, its not about them, its about her. Bonnie Bella is due January 9th and will be Stevie’s sixth child. Let’s pray for her safe delivery.