Stevie J Didn’t Pass Drug Test Again!!

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Former Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star, Joseline Hernandez gave birth to baby girl Bonnie Bella this past week and her ex-man, father of their baby, Stevie J. took to Instagram to share a cute photo of his newborn daughter laying across his chest. Bonnie Bella Jordan 12.28.16 A photo posted by Stevie J.

Joseline is fighting back against accusations made by Stevie J that she was on drugs during her pregnancy. Joseline filed docs and attached 3 drug test results that show she tested negative for various drugs including cocaine, amphetamines and weed. Stevie was the one addicted to drugs or drugs were in his system, he was ordered to rehab again and thus far, Joseline hasn’t been. The proof is in the pudding, she also attached a note from her care provider stating she’s had a healthy and that Stevie is the father of their baby girl. The paternity tests came back and Stevie already filed documents with the court asking for primary physical custody. In the court documents, he also says he’d like to be present for Joseline’s delivery. I’m don’t know any Judge who would just hand off a newborn baby to a man who just completed rehab.

Stevie J believes that Joseline is an unfit mother but he did agree to take a paternity test, Stevie knew that baby was his, he just felt betrayed because Joseline was out hanging with Young Dro, you know how men are. Their ego’s get in the way, they can go out and f$ck anything with a skirt but when a woman does, she’s a h$e.

Stevie has already moved on to another woman, Faith Evans and before they were technically involved, Joseline accused the two of creeping with each other but they both denied those allegations. But, Stevie J has confirmed his relationship with the r&b star, I’m wondering if she is she okay with Stevie being a new dad again? He already has a boat load of kids and he’s a grandfather, it just seems weird.

Stevie J.’s son, Dorian Jordan, took to Instagram to showing his rap skills with a heartbreaking song about his absentee father. The 21-year-old, who was sentenced to 55-days in jail last year for criminal possession of a weapon, says that music is like ‘therapy’ to him. Dorian and his dad have a relationship now and that is always a good thing.

I hope all works out for everyone, these babies don’t ask to be here.