Star Recap!!

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Star Recap!! Derek is still in jail, Alex gets stopped by the police and she ends up in jail with a bruised face from the police officer who was being rough with her. When her mother finds out she is in jail, she immediately bails her out. She tries to convince Alex to come home, she seems to be worried about her daughter but maybe she is more worried about the control.

Miss Carlotta is waiting for Alex when she is released, her mother doesn’t want Alex going back to Miss Carlotta and smacks her right in the police station. Miss Carlotta informs Alex that Derek is being arraigned at the courthouse, Alex tells her mom she is going to see about Derek. When Derek appears, he is wearing an orange jumpsuit and he is being charged with numerous felonies. His bond is $250,000, he needs $25,000 to get out which he doesn’t have that kind of money.

The girls decide to do a block party fundraiser where they will perform for a small fee. The girls convince Star to ask Hunter if he could help get Derek out. After the two make love, Star asks Hunter if he could help with Derek’s bail. Hunter instantly takes offense, calling Star and gold digger and ends up smacking the dog sh$t out of her. That was it for Star, she walks out on Hunter, he feels bad he laid hands on her but its too late.

Cotton has a date with an Asian man, she tells him the truth about her not being a woman from birth. That doesn’t seem to bother him even when she tells him she still has a penis. He seems intrigued, more like a freak to me but he decides to walk her to the door, upon opening the door her mom is getting freaky with the pastor. Cotton introduces her new friend to the pastor and to her mom but she didn’t like that Cotton brought this man to her home.

During the During a neighborhood block party fundraiser, Hunter surprises Star by inviting superstar recording artist/producer Pumpkin to the event. She just happens to know Miss Carlotta from their group “Harmony.”

The girls perform, they had a great show but they were still short almost $10,000 for Derek’s bail. Alex goes to her mom, she tells her she will come back home if she pays Derek’s bail. Her mom falls for it, hook, line and sinker, she pays the balance due but Alex isn’t coming back home.

Cotton is having her re-assignment surgery, her mom apologizes to her for hitting her. They sit and talk, she decides to call pastor for some praying but she was totally surprised and she felt betrayed when his prayer was about changing Cotton back to Arnold. This is not why she called him over, Cotton was upset, confused at her mom, she felt as though she set her up but Miss Carlotta he was going to do that when she called him over.

Miss Carlotta finally said something to the pastor, she saw the look on her daughters face and she couldn’t allow this treatment by the pastor. He got upset, stormed out and told them both they were confused.

Cotton went upstairs and grabbed the gun and put it to her head. Star walked in and told her to pull the trigger, she didn’t but Cotton’s story is far from over.

There is a knock at the door, Star answers and on the porch is a new gold cell phone with her name engraved from Hunter.