Star Recap!!

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Star Recap! The girls are rehearsing for a very important contest in Atlanta. As the girls continue to rehearse, Jahil gets a visit from a representative who is on the board for the contest the ladies would be performing in. But he has a little bit of bad news for the girls, he informs Jahil, when he sent the girls demo in, he cleverly stated he had a four girl group, last weeks episode he had to make a decision between Star and Ava, he chose Star. He informed the board that only three girls would be performing but the representative informs Jahil that he can’t change in mid-stream, since he sent in four girls, it has to be the four girls and not three or they will not perform.

This revelation pissed Star off to the point where she kicked Jahil in his old a$$ balls and he definitely felt that pain. Simone and Alex were angry too, they worked hard together as a group and now they have to bring Ava fake a$$ into the group all because Jahil wants some more p$ssy from his fake a$$ niece.

Whether the girls approved or not, if they want this lucrative contract, Ava has to return to the group. We all knew that she would, she conned herself in Jahil’s life and now she has conned herself into becoming a member of their group. The next day, they all met up with Ava and informed her that she needed to be back in the group for the contest. As if she was going to turn down and opportunity like this. Star wasn’t happen at all, during rehearsal Star believes Ava was bumping into her on purpose. She was done after that, she goes to see Hunter and the two are trying to have sex in his truck instead of at his home. Star knew something fishy was going on and it had to be his mother.

Jahil meets up with superstar Pumkin to produce a track for a four girl harmony. Pumkin played by Missy Elliott did what she does best and hooked up the song. She was reluctant about working with Jahil due to his past but because she mad respect for Mary and Carlotta, she would do it just for Mary but she also stated the girls had talent.

Cotton is losing herself, she’s confused and depressed, she may have lost the best man she has ever had, he excepted her for who she was but when she was caught getting out of car with a john, her male friend was on the porch waiting for her with flowers and he felt betrayed by her. He seemed to be hurt, she promised him that she would stop hustling. He ended their relationship and that set her over the edge especially after all she went through by being crucified by her mom’s pastor. She is back on the drugs and its not looking good for her right now.

Star and Hunter leave the concert together and so does Alex and Derek. Simone had no one there to take her home except for Jahil and Ava. As she looked for them, she saw them getting they freak on and she also overheard Ava telling Jahil their plan worked. The man who appeared at the rehearsal was fake, he didn’t represent the contest in any way shape or form. Looks like Jahil is still that same man from back in the day, conniving and shady as f$ck.

The ladies performed and they will be going on to the next step with four other groups to land this contract. After the contest, Hunter had a surprise for Star. He bought her a beautiful home and put it in her name, that’s the man I’m talking about. Star begin to shed some tears, know one has ever given her anything, let alone a home in her name, she didn’t know how to act or appreciate him and that’s only because she has been hurt in the past.

When Simone hears Star walking in the house late as HELL, she dropped a bomb on her about Jahil. Star was right all along but we all know, she has something for his two faced a$$.

Alex and Derek are driving home and he informs her that he went to the news reporter who tried to interview him and gave him some information on the police officer who attacked Alex. While they were talking, Derek wasn’t paying attention to the streets, next thing was boom, they got into a severe accident. I hope and pray that both are fine and just a little banged up but that car was terribly damaged, it would be a miracle if they can walk away from the accident.

Jahil brings Cotton home to her mom’s house and she wasn’t ready to deal with her yet. Yes, Cotton was high as Hell, trying to kiss all up on Jahil, he rejects her, Carlotta watched from the window and told Cotton to get off Jahil because he is her father. I always thought he was either Star or Simone’s father, but nope he is Cotton’s father. Cotton was in shock and so was Jahil, he ran after his daughter.

Only three more episodes of STAR remain before the season finale, as the season comes to a close, news of Otis’ murder continues to wreak havoc on God’s Blessings Beauty Salon and threatens to break up the family, as the girls will face life changing decisions that could tear them apart.