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Fox may have another hit on its hand with Lee Daniels new musical drama series, “Star,” which premiered after the “Empire,” finale. This schedule would be a rating hits for Fox every Wednesday night.

Lee Daniels new music drama for Fox, pulled in a 2.2 ratings which is unheard of and the show pulled in 6.73 million total viewers after the finale of Empire. I really think people have to understand that Lee Daniels is a hit maker and he has hit the jackpot with, “Empire,” and, “Star.” Considering most of Fox’s other dramas outside of “Empire” have been pulling in ratings in the low 1.0 range or lower. Fox needs to keep this line up and re-evaluate its other shows.

Meet STAR, newcomer Jude Demorest, a tough-as-nails young girl, who came up in the foster care system and decides to take control of her life. The foster home she resided in did nothing for her except use her to clean up and become verbally abused. She was aging out of the system and didn’t need to take the abuse of her foster mother anymore. She packs up what little she has and she runs down to social service to find her younger sister Simone.

Star tracks down her sister, Simone, newcomer Brittany O’Grady, who was being sexually abused her foster father. When Star finds out where she is, she takes control of the situation after walking in and finding this old a$$ man having sex with her baby sister. Star takes matters into her own hands and stabs the f$ck out of Simone’s foster father. They take his car keys and she locates her Instagram bff, ALEXANDRA newcomer Ryan Destiny, and together, the three travel to Atlanta to become music superstars.

Star finds letters from a woman named Carlotta who best friends with her mother, she had been looking for the girls for years. Miss Carlotta and the girls mother also sang together but fame and drugs took over their lives. Star and Simone’s mother died of a drug overdose and that’s how the girls end up in foster care.

Alexandra is a rich girl, her father is a doctor who travels the world saving lives and her mother died when she was young. She isn’t used to the way Star and Simone see things or where they come from, their lives are a learning tool for her. Together the girls make it to Atlanta, find Miss Carlotto who opens her doors and her hearts for the girls she had been looking for. Miss Carlotta has a son who is transitioning to be a woman and the girls find out later that she is a he.

The music industry comes with some major ups and downs for these little ladies and reality soon hits them in the face and they start to learn that ambition comes with a cost and sometimes that cost is too high.

The girls have their first performance and they knocked it out of the woods but can they maintain moving up in this dangerous and evil world known as the music industry?