Sommore Comes For Cardi

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Everybody wants to come for Cardi B these days, is it jealousy or envy? I think so, Cardi was a stripper, then a reality star and now she’s making moves as a rapper, why can’t black women support black women instead of trying to tear them down? I think Cardi B is amazing and she didn’t allow her past as being a stripper define who she is today, stop coming for her, all that will do is make her grind even harder.

Comedian Sommore decides she wants to take a dig at Cardi B on social media and that was the wrong move, but in the grand scheme of things, coming for Cardi will make her relevant. Where has the Queen of Comedy been these days? She was once on top of her game and we all loved and respected her, she’s been missing in action, all of a sudden she pops up and tries to throw shade on Cardi, sounds like somebody is mad.

Cardi fans don’t play and when Sommore called herself coming for the female rapper, her fans came into action. These fans swear they know these celebrities and will come after you if you go after them. Cardi’s fans roasted the comedian after she tried her best to throw shade towards the rapper. Sommore posted a Cardi B video on her Instagram page saying;

“Just cause you busy don’t mean your winning….You better be reading ya paper work!” It doesn’t sound that bad but instead of posting the video, if she really wanted to give Cardi some advice about being in the business, she could have just sent her a message without throwing shade on social media, that only shows that she is seeking attention, not Cardi.

“Just cause you busy don’t mean your winning…. You better be reading ya paper work!” #Chandelierovahere Sounds like Sommore is hating on Cardi just a lil bit.

Cardi B’s fans did not like what Sommore posted and went ham on her in her comments section, these fans don’t be playing.

“Sound like a old hater. #tired #old #thrifty,” wrote one. “You are MAD PETTY to take the time out to post such negativity…shame on you for bashing another female,” added another. “You’re disgusting.”

Cardi clapped back, she really didn’t need too but I guess she is tired as f$ck from everybody coming for her. She let the comedian have it by stating the obvious, she’s not being busy with a comedy show, which is true but Sommore has paid her dues but that doesn’t mean you get to say what you want about people who are trying to get where she is or where she was.

“If this ain’t winning sis you tell me what is!! I know you must be so busy and overbooked that finding the time to give me “advice” was hard!!,” said Cardi.

“Coming from nothing isn’t winning, doing everything they said I couldn’t because of my stripper past isn’t winning, taking care of my family isn’t winning, reaching the top of the billboard charts when everybody said NO isn’t winning??? If this ain’t winning sis you tell me what is!! I know you must be so busy and overbooked that finding the time to give me “advice” was hard!! But I talk to Christ and my mother everyday and I don’t need it!!”

Cardi got that a$$ told and she’s right, she has worked hard to be where she is today and no one has the right to take away what she has worked hard for. That industry is tough, especially for black women, give her the props she deserve and quit hating on each other. Cardi has accomplished so much since debuting on Love and Hip Hop, we fell in love with her instantly and we hated to see her leave but look at her now. Her career is flourishing, she gets better and better with time.