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Black Ink Crew hit the scene a few years ago and it has now become one of VH1’S top rated reality show. Black Ink is owned by Caeser a young black man who was raised in Harlem, he realized he was great at art and somehow got introduced to tattooing and let’s just say the rest is history.

Not so long ago having a bunch of tattoos on your body was not a good thing, since Black Ink has been brought to the forefront, just because you have tattoos doesn’t make you a bad person and it isn’t taboo any more. It’s a form of art and Caeser has some great tattoo artist working for him.

The loveable extra, messy, loud, drama filled Sky entered the scene and took off like a rocket ship. She was one of Ted’s jump off’s who often referred to herself as a, “mixie,” and any other girl like her, meaning she is mixed, black and white. In the beginning we loved Sky and we still do, she can become a little extra and a whole of petty but she is still the same girl. She and Dutchess became great friends but that didn’t last, meaning Sky will f$ck with Dutch, she doesn’t trust her and after what went down between her and Caeser, her loyalty is with Caseser not Dutchess. However, when Sky was hired as a receptionist at Black Ink, she had no body at all, her a$$ was flatter than a pancake and her breasts were droopy as heck, but she was always a pretty girl who was full of energy and charisma.

Now that Sky is still with Black Ink, she has had major work done on her body, her a$$, her stomach and her breasts, her body is snatched now and she is full of confidence. Sky grew up in Harlem, her childhood was not great, her mom wasn’t there for her while growing up in Harlem. She brought a lot of baggage with her onto the show and Black Ink. She is trying to change the person she was by going to counseling and taking it one step at a time. A few years back, Sky was in a Texas prison for credit card fraud, she did maybe six months but she did it. It was hard, VH1 documented as much as they could with cameras and Caesar, Ted and Dutchess visited her a few times, so yes, she had a lot of growing to do and she still does.

Sky had three children that she gave up for adoption, she became pregnant at age 16 with twin boys, she couldn’t raise them, she had no job, she was a teenager and her mom was still in and out of her life. She did what she had to do for her sons and not what she was told to do.

Today, Sky is the third highest paid reality star on Black Ink. She gets paid $7,000 per episode, 13 episodes is $91,000 not too bad for a girl from Harlem and for a girl who basically does nothing except create drama, find drama and stir up the drama. I ain’t mad at her and she is one of the reasons I watch the hit reality show.

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    Mixie doesnf mean she is black and white 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Mixie is a hoe who is always in the mix