Single Ladies Recap

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Last night on Single Ladies, Malcolm admits to having a fling with Naomi when Keyshia catches them in an awkward position. He admits to Keyshia he didn’t want to involve her any further in his illegal activities. Keyshia is pissed because she has been audited by the I.R.S. because of Malcolm and watched by the F.B.I because of him as well. She can’t understand why he would hold that information from her, she says she doesn’t want to be with him anymore but this a routine they do every year. Terrance finds out his big brother Malcolm is in bed with Deacon, a man from the past. Terrance is hurt because everything Malcolm told him not to do, Malcolm is doing it. He’s being a hypocrite but of course, Malcolm has a reason and an answer for everything.

April sleeps with David again after he sends her artist away to Europe. David is jealous of any relationship she is in and he finds a way to sabotage it and gets her in bed, again. When is she going to learn? She has to be the h$e of this series.

Naomi attempts to get money from Sean, Malcolm and Terrance. No one is biting and now she fears losing the condo she shared with Malcolm and Terrance’s dad. She assumed her good looks would prevail and these men would hand her thousands of dollars. The only man paying her some attention is Sean also her attorney and they get caught together when Keyshia calls Naomi to tell her they need to talk. Naomi knew Keyshia was on her way over there while she was with Sean, while Keyshia is going ham on Naomi in walks Sean with no shirt on. The look on Keyshia’s face, another man Naomi has her claws in, she bolts out the door upset. Sean runs after her, but she is in the wind, hurt again by her ex-boyfriend.

Raquel goes out with Grant the guy she met at the CUT Fashion show. On the outside he seemed to be a nice, good looking and intelligent man. However, he definitely fooled her, at dinner together he lets her know he wants to be her slave. She was like, “EXCUSE ME.” yes he wants to be her slave, he wants her to be dominate towards him. She became frightened of him, just in time too because in walks Deacon. Raquel excuses Grant from the table and Deacon asks if he could eat dinner with her. He met Raquel last week at her store and he knows Terrance has a thing for her. He convinces her, he can take her home, she agrees. He then says he owns a warehouse and would like to show her a piece of jewelry. Once they get there he approaches the safe and removes this necklace he says was worn by Josephine Baker. Desperate women do desperate things, now I don’t know why she would take a ride from him. So what if he bought several suits from her, she still doesn’t know him. He takes a picture of her with his camera phone of her and the necklace and sends the picture to Terrance and Malcolm. By this time she is ready to go, she pulls at the door but it is locked, Deacon grabs her and lets her know, “once your boyfriend Terrance pays me, you can go.” Wow, that episode had me on pins and needles, I am still awaiting the outcome of this kidnapping. I’m still in awe, Single Ladies has definitely improved this year. One of my favorite shows of 2014.