Shahs Of Sunset Recap

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Shahs Of Sunset recap, MJ and Asa have this love hate relationship but its more of a jealousy issue when it comes to MJ. She’s so mad that Asa is pregnant and not married when everyone knows that she has been wanting to have a baby herself. MJ is showing her feelings for Asa and it makes her look even more childish and immature while Asa is just trying to live her life and have a successful pregnancy.

Asa feels that MJ is “obsessed” with her pregnancy and we all agree, her entire story line is about Asa, her pregnancy and the child’s father and at the same time she is trying her best to become pregnant with Tommy’s child. However, with all of that hate and envy inside of her about Asa, she may never become pregnant unless she learns to let go.

MJ says, “I understand that [people thought I was jealous] because Asa hid the fact that she was planning a pregnancy — like she never told me that she wanted the number from my doctor and she was planning everything,” however, that doesn’t mean that Asa did something wrong or behind her back, she just didn’t want to share her experience with anyone especially MJ who seems to have a hard on for her and could bring her negagtivity.

“MJ’s jealousy level has gone nuclear since I became pregnant. She will stop at nothing to drag me down. I wish her healing,” says Asa.

MJ says, “this is really, for me, it’s a really big deal ’cause I always wanted a sisterhood with Asa. And I feel like we got bamboozled by her and I feel like it’ll unfold as you watch the episodes. But at this moment when I got my eggs frozen and I went through the process she asked me a million questions, she didn’t share anything and then it was very hurtful and shocking — like my dad was hanging on for his life and really like my dad is my rock. Nobody knows that he is my man. You don’t see him, but that’s my everything, so Asa’s apathy toward that and then her going like this [and showing her bump], I thought, ‘What is it? A new kaftan? What are you doing?’ So jealous, I expect the jealous thing, but Tommy and I are planning our wedding and plan to wed and have a baby and it shouldn’t be competition. It should be a friendship.”

Asa clapped back on Twitter, “MJ trash talks me every time she is on Wwhl. What a friend! And that’s a lie about her Dad.I was the ONLY person who visited him.”

“First step to happiness is focusing ON YOUR OWN life. A close second is not talking so much s*** about others.” ✌🏾️

MJ has had issues with Asa from day one, she talks behind her back, she makes up rumors and she’s just plain old jealous. Somebody needs to tell MJ and Tommy to clean up that nasty a$$ house, how can she walk out the door looking like a million dollars but her house looks like two dollars? MJ needs to quit worrying about others and concern herself with making sure her own sh$t is clean. We wish Asa the best and praying that she has a successful pregnancy.