“Shah’s Of Sunset” Asa Pregnant By Jermaine Jackson!

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“Shah’s Of Sunset,” Asa Soltan is pregnant by Jermaine Jackson Jr. who just happens to be the son of Jermaine Jackson whose brother is now deceased musical legend, Michael Jackson.

The reality star is just weeks away from giving birth and she is definitely happy and glowing. It’s just really weird that she is pregnant and not married. I believed in her culture getting knocked up without being married is a no no. But, I guess not, growing up in the United States maybe she doesn’t follow her culture the way she presents herself on the show.

Asa has an idea or a new business venture on every season of the hit reality show. Her ideas are always about her culture and where she came from, so its really confusing to me that she is pregnant, not married and with a black man. She has been dating Jermaine for about six years and he has never been on her show. He’s probably just like the Jackson’s who are extremely private.

“9 months and 3 days pregnant. Feeling an abundance of Love and bathing in absolute Gratitude. Thank you all for your incredibly beautiful messages and well wishes. You warm our hearts. Btw Love nugget is already 8 pounds and we still have 3 weeks to go!!!” she wrote on Instagram, where she also explained why she opted for that particular type of footwear. “My feet are not at all swollen but bending down to put on shoes with a watermelon in my belly has become impossible. Sandals for the next 3 weeks!”

The baby is the first child for Asa and her boyfriend, Jermaine, she revealed previously that the baby is due by the end of January and that Jermaine is hoping for a January 27 birth date. Why? Well that just so happens to be his birthday.

Asa says, “I feel amazing. Being pregnant has been such a beautiful experience,” she told People. “We are so excited and Jermaine will be the absolute best father.”

The couple decided to wait to find out their unborn child’s gender but they do have a few names picked out. I wonder how the cast feels about her being pregnant? I know MJ is probably seething, she wants to have a baby and be married, I’m pretty sure she wants to kick her in the teeth. MJ and Asa have major issues but maybe she has turned over a new leaf and plans to support her sometimes friend.

Congratulations to Asa and Jermaine, we wish you all a happy and healthy baby.