Scandal Recap!!

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Scandal Recap!! I wasn’t sure how Shonda Rhimes going to play the situation with who would be President but I should have known she would find a way. It turns out that the shooter was none other bad guy ex-Secret Service Agent Tom Larsen, former lover of Cyrus Beene and a crazy man who is jealous that Cyrus has moved on without him. Cyrus needed to close the door with Tom before moving on, he holds too many secrets.

It seems that after Cyrus was added to the Frankie Vargas ticket, he believed that Frankie was having an affair with Jennifer Fields some girl he met on the campaign trail and he was not going to allow this girl to come between him and Frankie winning the Presidency. Cyrus asked Tom to intimidate this girl in order to get her off the campaign trail and away from Frankie.

Tom, being the psycho that he is, didn’t just threaten this girl, he beat the mess out of her. Frankie and Cyrus were both horrified to see her damaged face, which causes Cyrus to reveal to Frankie that he was behind it. He insists that he didn’t intend for it to go that far but who intends for any situation to go that far and this was a situation that didn’t need happen. Cyrus saw his future at becoming the President slipping away and he wasn’t going to allow anyone to take that from him.

That’s the scene from the videotape Huck found last week where Frankie is yelling at Cyrus for what he did to Jennifer and he’s going to put him in prison for what he did. That videotape shows how desperate Cyrus was and what he would do to become the President.

Cyrus realizes what an actual psycho he has on his hands with Tom, he wants to make it perfectly clear that Tom should not harm Frankie in any way. He doesn’t think “weak, normal” Frankie Vargas is the man to run the country, but “strong, extraordinary” Cyrus is. I can’t see Cyrus running the country, he is too much of a weak a$$ cowardly snake, he hurts people without being in the same room.

Tom apparently shot Frankie Vargas anyway, that’s the flashback information. In present day, Tom is threatening Cyrus because he feels like Cyrus used him and abandoned him which he did. “I will not be IGNORED, CYRUS.”

But instead of killing Cyrus, Tom has something better in mind. He confesses to the murder of Francisco Vargas, but says he was just following Cyrus’ orders and Cyrus has now landed in federal prison. You better believe Tom has proof, Cyrus so worried about other sh$t when he should have been worried about Tom.

It means the electoral college will most likely vote Mellie into the presidency but obviously, Olivia had to prove with her hard work, Cyrus orchestrated the murder of Frankie Vargas.

It was an incredibly compelling episode, for a few different reasons. First off, Olivia, Fitz, Mellie and basically the whole gang took a backseat to Cyrus.

We’re pleasantly surprised to see the Frankie Vargas mystery wrapped up so quickly. We thought for sure it was going to drag out forever and while it still may be a few episodes before anyone actually takes the oath of office, it’s pretty solid pacing to have the mystery solved in three episodes.