Samantha & Erika Caught On Tape– Yandy!!

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Real Talk I am really tired of writing about these women but, this is proof that if you are doing well in life and a have man by your side, women will do what they can to destroy your happiness. I would rather be alone with my husband than be around women who are trying to take what I have worked hard for.

Love and Hip Hop New York Samantha and Erika allegedly get caught on tape plotting to destroy Yandy and their babies father Mendeecees who is in prison for a number of years. Mendeecees is fine and all, yes he is, but he is in prison and these two women are really going after Yandy. They need to get it through their thick skulls that this man doesn’t want them, he chose Yandy!!

Allegedly a reliable source contacted TheShadeRoom and exposed the plot with Erika and Samantha who are working together to start a rumor that Yandy’s been cheating on Mendeecees while in prison. Whoever this source is had to be someone close to these dummies because allegedly these are their voices on the tape.

Samantha and Erika are saying that Yandy is allegedly cheating with her business partner, a man named Sug, however this Sug has a girlfriend named Vanessa who is semi-sort of part of the plot as well.

The tape has it hit social media and the fans and the viewers are going ape sh$t on Erika and Samantha. Samantha and Erika were allegedly plotting to start the rumor which never came to play since Vanessa didn’t want her alleged affairs with Trey Songz, Julez Santana and Fabolous to come out. If you listen to the tape, you hear them trying to get this girl Vanessa on the show to expose Yandy but if she gets involved, her sh$t is over. Samantha and Erika call this girl a hoe who has slept with everybody in Miami, these b$tches are out cold.

Earlier this week Erika posted a whack a$$ flip-a-gram on her Instagram to prove that she was more than just Mendeecees side chick. The only person she was proving anything to, was herself. That whack a$$ flip-a-gram only portrayed her being desperate and still in love with Mendeecees.

Allegedly an audio tape was produced verifying how envious and jealous these two ladies are. Apparently, their hate for Yandy hits a core within their soul to a point where they were willing to set her up by any means necessary. They are making claims that Yandy was having an affair with her business partner, Sug. What type of women play these games? These bitter b$tches need to get a life, this is some petty high school mess. They all have children by the same man and when he wasn’t in prison, they weren’t acting like this.

According to Erika and Samantha, Sug wanted his girlfriend Vanessa, who is BFF’s with Erika, to appear on Love and Hip Hop with him, however she kept refusing to be apart of the show. If the rumors are true about her and all of these affairs, why would she want her business to be exposed on reality television? If I was Vanessa upon hearing this tape, not only would my friendship with Erika be over but I would put my size 7 up that tight a$$ for playing me like that and we supposed to be girls.

Erika has responded to the leaked tape and has apologized to Vanessa and says there’s no truth to the rumors about her “friend.” If there is no truth, Erika what are you apologizing for? With friends like you, Vanessa doesn’t need any enemies. These b$tches are messy, classless, rats and f$cking dumber than a door knob.

“I offer my humblest apologies to my friend,” wrote Erika. “Nessa, I was dead wrong for speaking those lies and repeating false news.”

Yandy’s ignoring the drama and posting photos of Mendeecees and their daughter. The best thing for Yandy to do is to ignore these rats, that’s the best revenge, to remain who you are. Even though Yandy lied about marrying Mendeecees, the fans and the viewers have over looked that situation because of the messiness that Samantha and Erika have brought to the table trying to bring Yandy down. Karma is a b$tch!!