Safaree Gets Beat Up By Girlfriend!!

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Nicki Minaj’s ex-boy toy and newest cast member to join Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Safaree Samuels was allegedly beat up by his new girlfriend, a woman by the name of Star Divine. She has pink hair just like his ex Nicki Minaj used to wear. These are the things that make you go, “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!”

Allegedly, Safaree and his new boo had a public fight and Star Divine allegedly hit him in the head with a pole. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a pole, allegedly, he was hit so hard, he had to go to the hospital. No, we never condone violence but what made her so upset that she hit him over the head with a pole and why didn’t he prevent her from attacking him?

Reliable sources close to Safaree have reported that he has been admitted in the hospital and his new girlfriend Star also aired all over Snap chat and social media, that “he’s fine” and called him “a dramatic BOWAS.”

DAMN, how can Safaree get his player cards back after she called him out like that? Social media fans really exploded because they were worried that Safaree was hurt badly, apparently this altercation took place this past Friday.

Allegedly an eye witness reported that they watched the whole thing go down, they saw Star actually hit him over the head with a pole and the two fought publicly. Star is known as “The East Coast Barbie,” whatever that means, its apparent that today’s generation aren’t happy with themselves. Its so easy to change who they are with plastic surgery and by changing their names, but who they are inside, can never change with plastic surgery.

Star rocks the pink locks and she receives lots off love due to her hair!! Fans of Star have made it known that she bares a resemblance to Safaree’s ex-Nicki Minaj and I wouldn’t expect any less of them. You would think these fans really knew her or Safaree the way they insert themselves in their lives.

Nicki Minaj “Pink Barbie” and Star Divine, “East Coast Barbie,” Safaree wants that old thing back, he went and got with a girl that resembles Nicki Minaj, he can act as if he doesn’t, but his actions show his true colors.

Star is a boss chick, she owns an “upscale hair boutique” Barbie’s Hair Extensions and her mission is to make women feel like “royalty.” Her goal is to have women invest in themselves since they work so hard. “Act like a queen, Look like a barbie,” is her slogan.

I agree women should act like Queens but not look like a Barbie, that’s fake and phony, be happy with who you are, the skin you were born in. That’s how a Queen does it. I hope that Safaree is okay but he lost his player cards as far as I’m concerned and I hope he doesn’t rekindle his relationship with her, she seems somewhat violent!! Maybe Safaree likes his women that way!!