Rumors: Lil Mendeecees May Not Be His Son!!

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Now, that the Love and Hip Hop reunion is over, MariahLynn and Bianca discuss the beef between Samantha and Yandy, allegedly Big Mendeecees is allegedly not the father of Lil Mendeecees, and that’s why the bitter baby mama club was coming for Yandy.

These are rumors, however, Lil Mendeecees looks just like his father, so I have a hard time believing those accusations, but with Love and Hip Hop anything is possible.

During the fight that occurred during the first half of the Love and Hip Hop: New York reunion earlier this week, Samantha was attacked by a random audience member, and her explanation as to why she snatched Samantha’s wig, she claimed Yandy was her sister. I’m not sure about that explanation, I wasn’t aware that Yandy had any siblings but the young lady was escorted from the stage and the reunion continued as if nothing happened.

Samantha says that Yandy knows the person involved in the attack because she’s related to them, and Yandy denies those allegations but the girl said she was Yandy’s sister, so I’m really confused now. Samantha also believes that Yandy sent Kimbella to her son’s birthday party to cause a problem. She doesn’t buy Yandy’s story about Kimbella causing commotion at the door.

However, Love & Hip Hop: New York producers obtain audio of Yandy and Kimbella speaking prior to the birthday party. This puts Yandy in a bad light because she’s caught in another lie. She was fully aware of Kimbella already being at the party prior to pulling up herself. Although Yandy attempts to clarify her lie, it appears she’s caught, which means Yandy may not have been as forthcoming about her knowledge of the situation.

Yandy defends her decision as to why she did not officially marry Mendeecees by stating her role as the primary breadwinner. It’s a move to secure her and Mendeecees’ finances in case Samantha and Erika file for child support against him.

Allegedly Bianca still believes that Lil Mendeecees is not Big Mendeecees son, where did she get this information from? Lil Mendeecees looks just like his dad, they are both cute as heck. He couldn’t deny that baby, he’s a spitting image him. Does Samantha need to take a DNA test to prove that Lil Mendeecees’s father is Mendeecees?