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Rumors–Deelishis & Rick Ross!!



Rick Ross’ success as a rapper came a little later than most in the music industry, but he has become one of the biggest rap stars today. He has also dated numerous women who were also beautiful at the same time. What would expect from a superstar like Rick Ross? He has allegedly been in fights with a few rappers and has been arrested a few times.

Rick Ross doesn’t waste time in his music or in his personal life, he always has a beautiful woman by his side. Rick Ross, government name is William Leonard Roberts II, he graduated from Miami Carol City Senior High School and later attended the Albany State University on a football scholarship. After finishing college, he worked for 18 months as a correctional officer and then decided to try out as a professional rapper. So, he’s an educated thug rapper and I’m pretty sure, that has been kept hidden, I had no idea he attended college, let alone completed it.

Rick Ross’ personal life has kept him in the news over the last decade. He was dating Shateria Moragne-El for a few years, but they broke up in 2013. He then dated and got engaged to THOTALICIOUS Lira Galore, but the relationship ended before it could be begin. They broke their engagement in November 2015.

His next girlfriend was just 18 years old when he began dating Cortney who graduated from the school in January 2016. There are photographs of Cortney on Rick Ross’ Instagram account or any of his social media accounts, maybe she really wasn’t was 18 years old.

Not too long ago the rapper began dating social media queen, Briteady. They met at a party that he threw himself and the two immediately hit it off. We would have hit off as well if I was at the same party. Since then, they have been spotted together many times, and have been dating since July 2016. It looks like the relationship didn’t last because word on the street, he has a new boo.

Allegedly the rapper is dating former “Flavor of Love” star Deelishis! Rick has been spotted out with the radio host and former reality star, Deelishis, whose real name is Chandra Davis all over the states at the clubs just having a good time. That doesn’t mean the two are dating, they are both single and having a good time with each other. The shapely model was nicknamed Deelishis by rapper Flava Flav when she appeared on the VH1 reality show, “Flavor of Love 2,” where she won by being herself and not acting as desperate as those other whack a$$ women.

Deelishis and Rick appear to be really into one another and the rapper was spotted grabbing himself a handful of booty, I’m sure he couldn’t help it.

Deelishis recently shared a video of herself and Ricky Rozay as they left a recent event, clapping back in the caption at her haters.

The former reality star blasted her haters, writing, “I’ve heard I’m a whore and he’s a hoe, he’s rich and I’m a gold digger, regardless to any of those statements being true or false, what does any of it have to do with you?”

Deelishis continued, “Tis the season to be jolly bi*ch and get you some bizness! There is no harm in a single woman and a single man sharing time and none of your comments will ever change that! Your (sic) wasting your time and showing your envious colors! Last I checked I get up daily and go to work to support my family and take care of my daughters! Last I checcked I am a grown a** single woman! And last I checked I wipe my own a**, not you! And futhermore if your bitter ass is that unhappy then dammit STFU and unfollow me!”

One person that doesn’t approve of the new couple is Ross’ baby-mama, Tia Kemp. She couldn’t help but post some snarky comments after finding out her ex is hooking up with Deelishis. Tia bashed the reality star and her ex, writing, “Soo now he suckn Flavor Flav.”

However, Deelishis responded to the shade thrown and killed her with kindness. She has the right to date whoever she wants to date, why are people so angry at her? Its not even confirmed that she is dating Rick Ross but if she is, that is her business. Let her continue to do her, like you all should continue to do you and quit hating on this young lady. She has daughters, they have access to social media, do they want to read the negative comments about their mom, HELL NO!!

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Gucci Mane’s Announces Movie Deal On His Life



Rapper Gucci Mane whose government name is Radric Delantic Davis, he definitely has a very interesting name, I can see why he calls himself Gucci Mane. Radric Davis wouldn’t be a very good name for a rapper.

However, the dirty south rapper created 1017 Records in 2007 and his first hit debuted in 2005 with Trap House, followed by his second and third albums which is how Gucci got started. Radric Davis had a rough childhood and after reading his autobiography you will understand where his past and the reasons he was incarcerated. Although his mother was a teacher and his father served in the military, they made some drastic mistakes which caused Gucci to follow in the wrong foot steps. According to several reliable sources close to the rapper, he was very good in school, it was his home situation that affected him and that’s what led him to selling drugs.

Gucci has a very long rap sheet, he has been arrested many times and he’s been shot at and he has shot others as he claims only in self defense. After his time in prison between 2014 and 2016, he was back on the music scene, he lost a whole bunch of weight which he credits his beautiful wife Keyshia Ka’Oir and he has a different attitude about life, love and making these coins. He has collaborated with several artists since being released from prison and whatever he touches, turns to gold.

Now the rapper has his sights set on releasing a movie based on his life and his Autobiography. Now that is a movie I would love too see, to watch him grow from a boy to man, his past and all that he went through, he’s still here thriving, he’s a testament, never give up on your dreams and you have to believe in you.

The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, was released in 2017 and currently he and his team are is in the process of making his book into a movie, which will be produced by his own company, 1017 Films. When his book was released in September 2017, it made the New York Times Best Seller list. When your book makes it to the New York Times Best Seller List, you have made it and he did the damn thing.

Since being released from prison, Gucci married his Queen, he’s on quite a few albums with other artists, his own album has been released, he released a book and now a movie deal. You can’t tell me dreams don’t come true especially when you work hard to achieve your goals. Congrats Gucci, we are looking forward to watching your life story unfold on the big screen.

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Kim & Kanye Welcome Baby Girl



Kim and Kanye welcome their new bundle of joy via surrogate. Congrats to the happy couple, we know that Kim had trouble with her last pregnancy and if she would have gotten pregnant again, the baby may have had complications or she may have had complications. They have enough money together to have as many kids as they want and going the surrogate way was a smart thing.

Kim confirms that their surrogate gave birth Monday to a 7lbs 6oz baby girl and as of now, we have no idea what her name is. As usual, Kim and Kanye will keep the name a secret for as long as they can and have the fans guessing on girly names. They have to come up with another outrageous name, the names North and Saint aren’t really cute names, they are different but hey, if they love it, we have to respect it.

Allegedly Kim and Kanye hired their surrogate and paid $45K for a black woman to carry their baby, I guess they wanted to keep all of the kids the same color or will this baby be black? Did Kanye use his sperm with the surrogate? If so, this baby will be black and not mixed, now that’s complicated situation.

Now that Khloe and Kylie are expecting babies real soon, some speculate that younger sister Kylie was the surrogate for Kim and Kanye. Well, how can Kylie be their surrogate when she is pregnant herself by Travis Scott? Some people really need to use common sense, Kim and Kanye hired a surrogate, not their little sister.

Several reliable sources close to Kim and Kanye says they are excited with their new baby and so are North and Saint. We wish them the best and again congrats to the West family on their bundle of joy. Now, we have to wait and see what name they come up with.

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