Rob & Chyna Call Off Wedding!!

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Word on the street, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have allegedly called off their wedding and this time they mean what they say. Who really expected these two get married? I couldn’t see Rob marrying a woman who went off on him everyday, he couldn’t handle her when they were just boyfriend and girlfriend and I have a hard time believing they ever in a “real,” relationship.

“They split a while ago. The wedding plans are off,” a reliable source close to Rob is stating. “They are both trying to be mature about it. It was less dramatic this time.”

The volatile couple, who first split in March 2016, experienced a whole bunch of ups and downs during their relationship. They went public with their relationship in January 2016 and surprised some with Blac Chyna’s complicated history with the Kardashian-Jenner family: Chyna has a son with Rob’s sister Kylie who is currently dating rapper Tyga, and is also best friends with Amber Rose, an ex of Kanye West, who is now married to Rob’s sister Kim Kardashian West. Yes, you need a map to understand the dynamics of the Kardashian and Jenner family.

Rob was messing around with Blac Chyna on the low low who was also BFF’s with Kim until she found out that her little sister Kylie was sneaking around with Tyga, who is Blac Chyna’s baby father on the low. Rob proposed to Chyna in April 2016, and a month later, they announced they were expecting their first child. The two welcomed their daughter, Dream Renée, in November 2016.

The proposal definitely raised issues with his family, they didn’t acknowledge the news of their engagement and it was hard for them to even accept the fact that Chyna was actually pregnant by Rob. Rumors hit social media that Blac Chyna was allegedly pregnant by some other man and Rob wasn’t the father. That news hit the family like a ton of bricks and it took them all a minute to come around and accept Chyna into their family.

The family eventually came around somewhat but the two had a reality show Rob & Chyna and that put a strain on the relationship and stressed out Rob, who had previously lived as a recluse for two years prior to his relationship with Blac Chyna. Much of their fighting was documented on the show, including screaming matches, therapy sessions and even a paternity test.

Things took a turn for the worse in their relationship just before Christmas when a fight ended their engagement but allegedly that argument was for the fans and reality television. Chyna moved out of their home with their newborn as the two spent some time living separately following Dream’s birth.

Chyna’s Instagram was allegedly hacked around that time and she claimed in a since-deleted post that Rob was behind the hack. But the new year appeared to have brought good things to the couple, who spent New Year’s Eve together. A few weeks later, Rob shared a sweet video to Instagram that showcased home footage of the couple kissing, cuddling and laughing throughout their yearlong relationship.

“1 year down lol woohoooooo happy anniversary babbbbbbiiiiiiiieeeeeee,” he captioned the video. In happier times, Rob says that Chyna got him through his “darkest times.”

“I’ve been friends with Chyna for a long time,” he said in August. “She was someone I reached out to for advice. She would cook for me and we’d just talk. She’s surrounded me with a lot of positivity. From the moment we met, I knew I wanted to be more than friends.”

Who knows whether these two will ever be together, I just can’t see Rob being with Chyna and marrying her. She is too much for him but hey she took a page out of the Kardashian book, she hooked, lined and sunk her baby daddy and she will not have to work for the rest of her life.