Rick Ross Goes For Nicki Minaj!!

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Nicki Minaj has definitely pissed a few people off in the music industry, including rapper Rick Ross. Meek Mill should have never trusted Nicki says Ricky Rozay.

On Rick Ross’s newly released song “Apple Of My Eye,” he gives his thoughts on the relationship between Nicki and Meek Mill, although the two have split, he still feels some sort of way about the situation, “I told Meek I wouldn’t trust Nicki, instead of beefing with your dog you just give him some distance We all make mistakes, let’s not be too specific.”

Rick Ross also says that Meek shouldn’t have gone at Drake directly over his issues with Nicki Minaj and instead just given his “some distance.” I agree with Rick Ross, whose to say that Nicki didn’t plant seeds in Meek’s head even though Meek is a grown a$$ man but everybody knows, p$ssy plays a big role in this game. Drake killed Meek and we didn’t see Nicki jumping to defend her man when she could have, she put that bug in Meek’s ear about Drake to start something and this is my opinion. I’m not asking for yours or looking for a comment.

Meek posted the lyric in an Instagram post he uploaded last week, promoting Rick Ross’s new Rather You Than Me album.

“Rozay been told me don’t trust you. 3.17.17 #ratheryouthanme,” Meek Mill wrote as his caption for the photo of himself and Rick Ross. The relationship between Ross and Nicki has been a rather limited one, but their paths have crossed before.

Over the years, Nicki Minaj has appeared on several songs with the Maybach Music Group, including Kanye West’s “Monster.” Back in 2011, Nicki dropped her debut album, Pink Friday, she appeared alongside Rick Ross on his “You The Boss” record.

They also both appeared at the White House last year to speak with President Obama about his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

Rick Ross wasn’t defending Remy Ma with his new album, he had his own issues with Nicki and her control over Meek Mill. I’m glad others are speaking out against her because she gets away with going after the under dog but when the big dog hits, she runs. I have no respect for her, she isn’t about that life and that’s okay, just don’t come for anyone period because it ain’t who she is.