RHOP Recap!!

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The Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap!! We pick up from last weeks cliffhanger when Karen dropped a bomb on Gizelle about her BFF Robyn. Gizelle was naturally shocked that her bestie would discuss her with Karen, Ms. Pot Stirrer herself without having a discussion with her.

Robyn and Gizelle meet at the nail salon, Gizelle wants to get to the bottom of the shadiness Karen threw her way. Robyn informs Gizelle that she is inviting all the girls to the Preakness.

Gizelle asks Robyn if she thinks that Charisse is really over what she said about her and the fireman on air? Robyn doesn’t feel like Charisse is over it and neither do I.

Gizelle feels really bad about putting her business on blast for Potomac to judge Charisse and her situation but Charisse didn’t feel bad when she called Gizelle a whore on national television. Gizelle is really upset and confused that Robyn discussed the situation with Karen. Robyn informs her bestie that she doesn’t need to question her loyalty, but that she was shocked Gizelle would take it to that level with Charrisse.

I’m so confused by these ladies, Charisse can call Gizelle a whore but when Gizelle retaliates and blasts her, she is the person in the wrong when they are both in the wrong. So, now Robyn doesn’t trust Gizelle? Girl, bye, Charisse came for her and she defended herself, Robyn let Karen play her, that’s who she should have an issue with not Gizelle.

Newbie Monique’s husband, former Redskins player Chris Samuels, is being inducted into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on The Real Housewives of Potomac this week.

His family is extremely proud of him but I don’t believe his mother likes Monique that well. It’s obvious, right away, that his mother has issues with Monique and is competing with her for her son’s attention.

She had plenty of snide remarks when it came to Monique and I think Monique was aware of what she doing that irritated her mother in law. She continued to throw up that fact that she doesn’t work and will never work, how much she paid for her daughters earrings and etc. All Monique did was make a bigger wedge between her and her mother in law.