RHOP Recap!!

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The Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap!! Charisse welcomed her new BFF Monique Samuels to the ladies of Potomac and she couldn’t wait to rub her new friendship in Gizelle’s face as if she really cared.

Its amazing how Charisse can call Gizelle a H$E on national tv but when Gizelle exposes her dirty laundry, she can’t stand Gizelle. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it, it seems like all of these ladies are coming for Gizelle, this season, even her BFF Robyn.

Charisse knew that Monique and Gizelle would probably not get along, especially on the first meeting. Karen says that Gizelle will bring her claws out when a knew person is introduced to the group, not sure if claws is the right word, but Gizelle is cautious, lets just say that. Charisse claims she told Monique that out of the group of ladies, Gizelle wasn’t going to like her immediately, but that’s with any group that is already established. You feel out that person and in today’s world, its hard to just trust anyone, so yes, Monique would have to prove who she was. Right now, I’m just not feeling her, she big a$$ arms and she talks about the things she has acquired with her retired NFL husband. The ladies of Potomac won’t smack you in the face with what they have acquired, you just already know.

According to Charisse, “Monique is a very confident young woman, and that within itself is a lot when you have to deal with a Gizelle. And then she comes with a lot. The lifestyle, she has a husband, the sky is the limit for her right now. And unfortunately, some people can’t embrace stuff like that. They rather be a little on the envious side. But I’m happy for her and all that great stuff that’s going on in her life for her family.”

I really can’t see Gizelle being envious of any woman, Monique is married with two small children, these women with the exception of Ashley have already been where Monique is. Charisse’s husband filed for divorce, she has been where Monique is today and we aren’t saying that her husband will cheat on her and that will be the end, we are just saying these women have already lived that life, why would Gizelle be envious of that?

When Monique stated that she has four homes, it shocked Gizellem, the look on her face said it all but it was an envy look, it was more of a surprising look, but she isn’t impressed nor jealous of Monique. Charisse was being messy and stirring the pot but so was Karen. She pretended like she cared about Charisse and Gizelle’s friendship when she enlisted Robyn’s help on bringing these two back together.

Karen asked Robyn to stop by her house to discuss Gizelle and Charisee’s relationship. Robyn says this is the first time she has been invited over to Karen’s home so this visit would be interesting. The ladies played pool, sipped on champagne and at fruit as they discussed Gizelle and Charisse. Why did Robyn say anything negative about Gizelle to Karen? This was a set up coming and Karen set that a$$ up!!

The ladies all meet for tea, hoping that Charisse and Gizelle can move past their disagreements. Gizelle, apologized to Charisse, she was very shocked by her apology and so was I. Charisse started this battle and she believed that Gizelle did something wrong to her but never acknowledging that she started this war, but Charisse also apologized for what she said about Gizelle.

I am so glad their beef is over but here comes Monique, who only knows Charisse’s side intervening. Girl, you just met these ladies and you and Charisse not BFF’s, they met at a charity event, so slow your roll. This is not a battle she wants to get into, just sit back and almost look pretty with those huge biceps.

The group was glad that the beef was squashed until Karen opened her mouth and spilled the tea about what Robyn said about Gizelle. It wasn’t even that bad but someone like a Karen, can make it more worse off than it was. Gizelle was a bit surprised but coming from Karen, she has to speak with Robyn herself, Robyn’s face cracked when Karen put her on blast. I hope this will not be a Gizelle and Robyn war!!