RHOP Recap!!

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The Real Housewives of Potomac, Gizelle versus Monique. It appears to me that this season of the hit reality show is basically centered around the newbie Monique, with her man arms and Gizelle.

I’m not sure if it’s Bravo or the powers that be are instigating a petty feud between Monique and Gizelle for higher ratings. We all know that production has a way editing this part out and adding this part in or simply Charisse’s nasty attitude towards Gizelle has Monique coming for Gizelle. I really believe Charisse in pulling the strings indirectly, Monique likes fame and if she f$cks with the b$tch on the show, that will guarantee her a permanent seat at the table.

Mrs. Boast and Bragger invites the ladies to her house for a cookout, she claims she wants to get to know them better, but I think she just wanted to show off her house.

In the mean time, Ashley’s restaurant is struggling, really struggling, they may lose their restaurant but I’m not sure if they really did their research when they decided to open a restaurant that sells kangaroo meat. But I digress, Ashley enlists Robyn to help her save her restaurant before she loses her marriage since Robyn works in Public Relations, she came prepared, she’s wasn’t playing. Robyn shows Ashley a few reviews that people wrote about the restaurant and they weren’t oh so nice. Based on those reviews, Robyn tells Air Head, oops I mean, Ashley that she needs to re-do the menu and invite the critics back and watch for the new reviews.

Finally the day of Monique’s cookout, I see her husband on the grill and see Monique bossing everyone else around the house. She has her friend Gigi with her and even before any of the ladies show up, she is giving a disclaimer about Gizelle. She was already sitting on ready by telling her friend that she will get gangster if she has too with Gizelle. She was looking for fight, I feel like she has a hard on for Gizelle.

Gizelle brings her friend/hairstylist Kal to the cookout, he was the hairstylist from last season who made a scene at Charisse’s house and being quite shady to her in her own home but, who cares. Charisse, Ms. Drama Queen became upset with Kal because he wanted to do restyle her hair in the most shadiest way ever and of course Charisse took offense to that. But anyway, Gizelle and Kal are in the kitchen and they are whispering about how Monique doesn’t stop talking, which is true but it was more of Kal who said she can’t stop talking and Gizelle. Gigi, Monique’s friend, notices that the two are whispering and she doesn’t like it, she asked them what they were whispering about and here comes Monique. Of course she tells Monique and this is the moment she waiting for and that was to get at Gizelle.

While they are in the kitchen, Karen and her husband are outside with Robyn and Juan, Ashley and her husband arrive and they go to the backyard, Ashley sees that Gizelle in the kitchen and she wants to talk to her. Ashley tried to get into Robyn’s business again about Juan and how he doesn’t value her as a woman and that he is dating other women and Robyn did not want to hear anything Ashley had to say about Juan and cut her off.

Ashley ventures inside the house to speak with Gizelle since Robyn is her BFF, she may know more about what’s really going on. She tells her that she feels awkward because Robyn and Juan outside and she has some inside information about Juan. She then reveals to Gizelle the rumors of Juan seeing other women and him doing his thing while she is sitting at home doing nothing. Gizelle listens but her mind is on other things and Monique’s barbecue wasn’t the place to bring that type of information up.

All of a sudden, Monique doesn’t want to be a part of the gossip and leaves, Ashley was able to discuss more in detail about the relationship between Robyn and Juan and she seemed shock that Ashley was talking about or was it shock that Juan was dating?

So, uhhhh, Monique’s assistant Jill, was in the kitchen and I’m not sure if Gizelle noticed or even cared, she was too busy talking to Ashley about Robyn, but the assistant goes outside and tells Monique what Gizelle said. Monique brings her a$$ back in the house with vengeance and they get into it over some petty sh$t.

Monique put Gizelle and Kal out, and I still don’t know why, if I was Gizelle I just wouldn’t give a damn. Gizelle doesn’t need to be friends with Monique, she is new to the circle. Monique is trying get in where she fit in and she don’t fit no damn where, I don’t like her plain and simple.