RHOP Recap!!

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The Real Housewives Of Potomac Recap!! I am not liking Charisse this season, she brought Monique around to get at Gizelle, that’s shady as HELL. If her issues are with Gizelle, she needs to address them and not use the newbie to come at her nemesis. Gizelle apologized for her actions and Charisse accepted her apology, if it she felt that Gizelle’s apology wasn’t authentic, she should have told her instead of causing issues with Gizelle and Monique. Her true colors are really showing and that’s not a good look at all.

Charisse throws her daughter Skylar a sweet 16 birthday party and Ashley caters her party. Well teens don’t like weird food and they were not trying to eat raw birds, or apricot dressing or kangaroo meat. We get her husband is from Australia and they both decided to open an Australian restaurant which caters to that type of food. Allegedly the restaurant isn’t doing so well but with that kind of menu, who really wants to eat that type of food especially teens? Charisse gave Ashley that opportunity to cater but I’m sure she regrets her decision.

Charisse’s estranged husband appeared at Skylar’s sweet 16 party but he never approached Charisse during the entire party which seemed weird. Ashley noticed he was there and she wanted to meet him but Charisse nixed that idea.

We got a chance to see Gizelle’s mom and Robyn’s mom, now it could just be me but those women look white. Gizelle and Robyn both claim they are 100% black but I can’t see it. I’m sorry, there mothers aren’t 100% black, maybe they are mixed but black, no way Jose.

Gizelle is dating a nice looking man named Kevin who happens to be really close to her mother. Gizelle says her mom never approved or liked any of the me she dated or married, including Pastor Jamal Bryant. Watching her mom and Kevin interact, you would think they were in a relationship but Kevin seems like an upstanding man and I would love to see Gizelle married again to a man who cherishes her.

The ladies all meet up at a hookah lounge, Karen was so out of place, these women are too young for her, its time for her to just sit down and chill with her Bill Gates husband.

Ashley opened her mouth about Charisse’s husband appearing at Skylar’s sweet 16 party and Charisse shut her down immediately. She didn’t want to discuss him or her marriage issues. That was the end of that conversation, the look she gave Ashley was a dead look and Ashley didn’t mention him again.

All of a sudden, Monique tries to go in on Gizelle because Ashley spilled the beans about Monique bragging about her multiple homes. She accused Gizelle of asking her if she was trying to be a homeowner and that was further from the truth. Gizelle never asked Monique that, she simply asked how many homes she had. Charisse was smirking the entire time wanting Monique to get at Gizelle, but she held her own. Monique brags about everything, when she entered the hookah bar, she had to let the ladies know that she brought two bottles of wine for $150, nobody asked her how much her wine costs. That’s why Gizelle feels the way she does about Monique.

Karen tried to clarify how Gizelle works, she has to get you know Monique, she has issues with trusting people due to her ex-husbands affair. Once she gets to know Monique, I bet the two will get along better than she and Charisse and she will find herself on the outside looking in. God don’t ugly and he ain’t too fond of pretty.