RHOBH Recap!!

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap!! Dorit is still reeling over last week’s episode when Erika revealed to everyone, including her husband that she isn’t wearing underwear. Dorit thought that was tacky and rude to blurt out that she isn’t wearing underwear, she more than shocked.

Dorit confronted Erika not once, but twice in a truly awkward way! She seems to require a lot of reassurance from what she wears, to what she drives, to the shape of her kid’s head, to her importance in the world.

Dorit and PK got the plastic helmet removed from Little Phoenix‘s previously ‘deformed’ skull. Looking at the before and after scans, it seems to me that the kid’s head looked normal for a newborn especially if Dorit had a vaginal birth.

Lisa and Ken have other concerns than Erika, like the Vanderpump Dog Foundation. After the success of the Yulin Dog March campaigning outside a Baptist church last year the organization has gained traction with local government, and is now headed to congress and beyond. Locally, however, Lisa and Ken are donating money to rescue organizations.

Eileen has Erika visit the Y&R set to discuss her future guest part. Erika is nervous, but gives us a lecture about how now is her time to shine. Erika is apparently teaching us a lesson about the power of a middle-aged woman as bankrolled by Tom G‘s millions. Erika tells the Executive Producer that she might be perfect playing a Hooker Next Door, even though she’s just a shy gal from Atlanta with big dreams of stardom in her eyes, and a prayer cloth under her skirt! Eileen believes that a high powered executive may be a better test of Erika’s acting abilities.

These three ladies were having fun together laughing and joking, until Dorit mentioned you-know-what. Eileen, who is strangely fiercely protective over the Erika, gets that sour puss look on her face, and listens to Dorit’s tale of how Erika’s lack of panties in a twist. You can tell Lisa R. just wants to burst out laughing. Dorit decides she ultimately wants to let Erika know it happened with a joke to prove she doesn’t care about ‘What Peek-K Saw.’

Lisa intrinsically understands what’s bugging Dorit: Dorit is confused about whether or not this is normal Erika behavior, or a one-night stand. Like is there a little more Erika Jayne in Erika Girardi than she lets on? Or is Erika really the shy, reserved dutiful wife she professes to be?

Honestly, I feel like Dorit needs her daughter’s special helmet, because her sense of perspective appears deformed. In her mind she has this fabulous lifestyle which behooves her several nannies, because she’s so busy shopping and gossiping that she couldn’t possibly be bothered to spend time with her precious children. Dorit is setting out to change Erika’s underwear. While shopping with Kyle, Dorit announces she’s going to let Erika know PK looked up her skirt by giving her a pair of sheer knickers as a joke. Dorit plans to give the gift of ladylike good taste during Erika’s upcoming “Escape Room” event.