RHOB Recap!!

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The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Recap!! Erika Jayne attends Dorit’s birthday event for cocktails and she is driven in Hummer golf course. She is meeting the other housewives at the party but she didn’t seem to be overly excited when she arrived or even a bit happy, but this is reality television.

While the ladies and PK sat to have drinks, he wouldn’t stop staring at Erika and she felt his molester eyes on her, I felt it through the television. Lisa V asks Erika if she can give Kyle some underwear and she politely let the ladies know that she isn’t wearing any underwear. Lisa sticks her hand towards her dress and she accidentally gives everyone a peek of her vajayjay. No one takes more peeks than PK, of course Dorit doesn’t like that Erika came around them with no underwear and she had no problem saying she had on no underwear in front of her husband. She ain’t seen nothing yet!!

Kyle and Lisa R bond over their horror of raising teenage daughters who are also entering the world of modeling. Lisa R gets a surprise of her own when she learns her daughters are on a dating app and dating the opposite of appropriate, apparently! That was so weird, there is no way I would allow my daughter to be on a dating at age 15. Sometimes Lisa R is dingier than a doorknob.

Eileen and Vinnie pack up her late mother’s home and Eileen continues to feel the loss of losing such a great woman. Eileen really thought Lisa V was ready to apologize to her for last year’s beef when Lisa V was saying she was sorry, she said that to Eileen for losing her mother in law. Lisa V says she will not apologize again, she didn’t accept the first one, so now its a done deal.

This season is dragging so slow, its hard to blog about the show, not only is it slow, its boring. It may be time to end Beverly Hills or bring Brandi.