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RHOA Sneak Peek



The Real Housewives Of Atlanta are returning and season 10 may top last years season. NeNe is returning to the show as a full time cast member, I know I missed her, she made the show to me and that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann will appear on the show but not as a full time cast member. Sheree Whitfield, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey are definitely back.

As reported earlier in the year, Phaedra Parks is not set to return, but in this trailer I see her playing with her sons. What I have learned, allegedly Bravo asked Phaedra to film an apology scene with Porsha but why not with Kandi as well? I guess we will have to wait and see how the seasons begins and ends, get ready for a whole lotta drama.

In the sneak peek, a lot of changes have been made, including a possible fake a$$ friendship between Kim and Porsha, they don’t even like each other but I guess when no one on the show likes you, anybody can be your friend. It’s really weird to see Porsha and Kim holding hands in the sneak peek, what the f$ck is that about? However, Porsha asks Kim, “You my new frack?” She’s desperate, she needs a friend and because of what occurred last season, they ain’t really f$cking around with Porsha.

Cynthia is dating and he’s a cutie but guess who shows up? Of course Peter Thomas, he was allegedly dating Mimi Faust from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta a few months back but I knew they wouldn’t last, Mimi is with a woman. Men kill me, they can cheat, be verbally and physically abusive to their wives/girlfriends but when the wife/girlfriend meets a new man and begins dating, they all in they feelings. Peter’s alleged cheating a$$ should have thought about that when he was running behind these women who didn’t want him and now he wants Cynthia back. She better tell his whack a$$ to kick rocks and keep ta movin!!

Drama Queen Kenya is allegedly married but no one believes her, she pays men to be her boyfriend on the show and allegedly Sheree has a new boo who’s supposed to be locked up in a federal prison! Now, that I have to see for myself, Sheree doesn’t seem like the type of woman who would date a man in prison but HELL, this is the housewives, anything goes with these ladies.

According to NeNe, he’s a con artist and we all know NeNe investigates and will call it as she sees it. I’m hoping its more to the story, its about time Sheree gets to live a princess life, she’s been so fake throughout the years, last season we were able to see her vulnerable side as she broke down and it made her real. She deserves to be happy just like everyone else.

“I hope he don’t con her out of Chateau Sheree,” Kandi says. Kandi is dumb, HELL, we thought the same thing about Todd but he’s actually a good husband and father to their adorable son.

Kenya is up in arms because no one believes she married this past summer, not even her “BFF” Cynthia, only Kenya believes they are BFF’s, Cynthia is just her friend, but I digress, she allegedly had a surprise wedding to a very handsome man by the name of Marc Daly. The ladies are skeptical and so are the Bravo producers, they just have a problem with the entire scenario and that’s based on her past.

In this sneak peek Marlo asks, “Let’s play a game, how many believe Kenya’s really married?” I love me some Marlo, she needs to be on the show full time and not as a friend of the show, she keeps it popping.

“She married a fan,” Kim says and that sounds about right. Kim asks another question, “Have you guys met her husband?”

“Worry about pimping your daughter out, b$tch,” Kenya says. And that’s why no one likes Kenya, Kim’s daughter has nothing to do with whatever beef they have going on. LEAVE THE CHILDREN OUT OF THESE PETTY A$$ FIGHTS!! I swear, I just wanna slap the sh$t outta Kenya Moore one good time in her fake a$$ mouth.

The 10th season of the hit reality show will air on November 5, 2017 at 8pm on Bravo!! Looking forward to season 10, its explosive, drama filled, the lies, the shade, the pettiness, the fake and the phony all in one!!

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LHHATL Jasmine’s Court Case Has Been Thrown Out



Love and Hip Hop Atlanta isn’t scheduled to air anytime soon but that doesn’t stop the drama and its seems to be getting dirtier and dirtier.

Jasmine Bleu, the trick who claims Kirk Frost is the father of her son Kannon, her court case for paternity has been thrown out. For me, all that proves, this was a set up from the jump. Kirk and Rasheeda desperately needed a story line or they were gonna get kicked to the curb. I just believe that Kirk paid Jasmine for her part, maybe Rasheeda doesn’t know about the plan but she’s his wife, she had to know.

Last year Jasmine sued her estranged son’s father to prove that he fathered baby Kannon and in court papers she claims she was a kept woman, another word for HOE, she claims he gave her money every month and use of a car to be with him.

Judge Turner gave Jasmine two weeks to find Kirk and get him served, but if she has an attorney, why didn’t he pay a court officer to find Kirk and serve him? That’s how it works when you have an attorney, maybe she is using a public defender or an attorney who just doesn’t care. Jasmine continues to say that Kirk is running from the subpoena, that’s the one statement out of her mouth that I believe. Kirk is a coward, he f$cked this girl, she got pregnant and he won’t take a paternity test to save his marriage? He couldn’t care about his wife Rasheeda and the pain she is dealing with.

Jasmine allegedly located Kirk and he agreed to accept the subpoena, but it was two months after the judge’s deadline. Kirk knows the system, he played her like a fiddle, he knew the court date had since passed, why wouldn’t he accept the subpoena months later? She’s a little dingy, that’s why she has to strip, her head ain’t rapped too tight.

Since the case has now been dismissed, will Jasmine refile? Kirk and Rasheeda have separated allegedly due to this alleged affair. The people who are suffering the most are the children. Kirk ugly a$$ needs to get it together, leave these young girls alone and get his Adams apple fixed, damn that sh$t is hideous.

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Love and Hip Hop New York recap!! This episode really sucked, the powers that be have switched up too many people on the show and they all look like misfits except for Yandy, Juju, Remy, Safaree and Papoose. Its time for them to walk away from this franchise, thye are over the reaching for story lines with this new crew of clowns.

Lets get down with the recap, Mariahlynn meets up with Remy and confides in her that she has some body issues, she’s not happy with her small breasts and small butt, she’s looking into maybe getting some plastic surgery. Mariahlynn says she gets bullied all over social media, the trolls are saying she has no butt or breasts, but Mariahlynn has to be happy with herself, she needs to love the skin she’s in and the body that she has. Its nothing wrong with getting a nip here or a tuck here if that’s what you want, not because others are telling you that you need a big butt and some breasts. Remy basically explained to her that there was nothing wrong with her body, a lot of women wish they had her body but she gets what Mariahlynn is saying and she understands. She tells her to get the surgery if she wants the surgery for herself and not for other people.

Anais is something else, I swear she reminds me of Joseline, using her sexual ways to trap a man. We all know that she is married and this show airs, after airing, her husband will find out that she’s been creeping with Rich on the low low or he already knows. Her husband is a huge man, I don’t think Rich could handle her husband. She does ask Rich if he thinks she should get a divorce, then asks him what he would do if her husband found out about them? Rich needs to run for the hills, I thought his creeping days were over with, apparently not.

Navarro and Rich discuss the drama at Navarro’s building dedication, when he realizes that his artist Anais is creeping with Rich. That shook Navarro for a minute but he had to handle his girl Ashley and her sister Aiyisha who wants Ashley fired for not doing her job, Anais wants her fired as well for the same reason. While at Navarro’s dedication ceremony, Aiyisha and Navarro confront Ashley and she tells her that she wants him fired. Here comes Anais over hearing the conversation and adds her two cents in. Anais causes pressures to rise during Navarro’s building dedication by announcing to Ashley that Navarro and Ayisha were talking about firing her. Ashley is upset when Navarro lets her know that he doesn’t think she’s been working hard enough, so she walks away and says she quits.

Mariahlynn goes to see Dr, Miami, the best in the business for her boob job and has some interesting questions for him. Her body is so tiny, I really hope she doesn’t get them too big where they can wear her body out. But if this is what she wants, go get it!!

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