RHOA Sneak Peek

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion is going down and in the worst way possible. Phaedra’s shady a$$ has been so messy this season without really saying a word. She never defended Porsha when the wives were coming for her but Porsha defended Phaedra to the utmost and now she feels betrayed by her BFF.

Shamea Morton who appears on the show occasionally, she is or was Porsha’s best friend but within the last two seasons, Shamea has ventured over to Kandi’s side for some odd reason.

Earlier in the season, Phaedra brought up rumors that Shamea and Kandi had a fling a few times. When Phaedra said that, I definitely didn’t believe that, Kandi admits to hooking up with women before but that was a long time ago. Kandi also admits to kissing Porsha in a club one night but that doesn’t make her lesbian, it just makes her tri-sexual.

Shamea was extremely shocked and pissed at our favorite southern belle Phaedra for alleging that she and Kandi hooked up. She was even more angry with Porsha because she never said a word in her defense when Phaedra was spreading lies. Porsha is or was Shamea’s BFF, she was supposed to defend her the way she defended Phaedra.

On Part three of the reunion, Andy asks Phaedra about the lesbian rumors and of course, Phaedra does what Phaedra does best and avoids the question with her quick thinking self. Hell, she is an attorney but that’s debatable.

Phaedra responds to Andy, “in order for her to be a lesbian, that would mean she’s sleeping only with women… So I never said she was a lesbian,” Phaedra said, before dropping this bomb: “When the conversation was had about Kandi and Shamea [Morton] and I said that, I wasn’t even going at Kandi at all. I was upset about what Shamea said. Kandi just happened to be collateral damage to be honest.”

Phaedra is the shadiest woman ever, I can see how she can talk her away out of everything. She’s a liar and she has been so petty this season, its ridiculous.

All of the skeletons will come out on Sunday and Phaedra will get caught dead in her lies. Porsha really felt betrayed by her when she learned that Phaedra lied on her and used her to get back at Kandi. Phaedra is the person who told Porsha that Kandi and Todd wanted to drug her and Shamea, and have a freaky night with all four. According to Kandi, those were lies but, when Kandi learns about the drug rumor, the sh$t hit the fan and Kandi spilled all the tea on Phaedra.

Porsha was so upset with Phaedra, she broke down on stage and then quickly removed herself from the show. Phaedra was running behind her and I don’t think it was to console her friend, she’s embarrassed that she got caught in her lies.

Definitely looking forward to part 3 of the reunion.