RHOA Sheree Whitfield Owes Contractor!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Sheree Whitfield is in another huge situation and this time its about “Chateau Sheree.” She purchased this house about 5 years ago, she wasn’t able to move in yet, it needed major work and she was having money issues. Now that “Chateau Sheree,” is complete 5 years later, she owes contractor, allegedly and they have decided to sue her.

Kenya Moore purchased her home last year which happens to be a few houses down from Sheree but Kenya’s home is almost complete. She had a housewarming and Sheree dogged her home to pieces. Kenya’s home was not ready for a housewarming but she moved in quickly to work on it herself while living in her house. Sheree is in competition with Kenya when Kenya is not in competition with Sheree over whose house looks better.

According to documents from The Superior Court of Fulton County in Georgia, Master Craft Stucco, Inc. slapped Blu Management, LLC and Sheree’ Corporation with a lien for $26,586.41 on July 15, 2015.

The contractors who did the work on Sheree’s home demanded she pay $1,702.99 in interest and $278.51 in court fines. Allegedly, Sheree didn’t respond to the claim, Judge Tom Campbell ordered her to pay the amount on May 9th, 2016. The company’s lawyer is even suggesting that all of the people Sheree owes money too should conspire to push her out of “Chateau Sheree.” Sheree allegedly owes several other people, living beyond her means.

The Plaintiff’s attorney, Emory Potter, says, “There are several other creditors with liens and if we could get them together we could threaten her to sell the property.”

Sheree wants to live like the Jones’s but she can’t, she needs to live like the Whitfield’s and be glad she can support her children. “Chateau Sheree,” is a beautiful home and I wouldn’t want to surrender it after completing all of that work but, I wouldn’t be in the position that she is in.