RHOA Reunion Teaser!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Reunion teaser is a beast but this reunion will force these ladies to expose their truth and explain their actions. Word on the street, this reunion will be a showdown to remember after the fireworks explode.

During the explosive season, there was plenty of drama, betrayals, lies, pettiness, messiness, shadiness, verbal abuse, mental abuse, physical abuse and two divorces were filed and finalized. This will be the first time ever in the world of housewives, that this reunion will air in four parts. By Bravo airing a four part reunion, you already know the sh$t will hit the fan and blow up in one particular housewife’s face and it appears that housewife will be the southern bell. In the teaser, Phaedra’s shadiness will be called to the carpet and we see her erupting from the stage. That’s what Phaedra does, she talks a good game but when she is caught in her lies, she runs for cover and that’s exactly what she does.

As the ladies prepare for a heated reunion, while getting glammed up, they spill the tea on which housewife needs to clear up some of their actions throughout the season. We all know that it was Phaedra and Porsha took the heat for Phaedra on a number of occasions, viewers and fans will expect the southern bell to own her sh$t, but we all know that she won’t and she will continue to allow Porsha to take the heat for shadiness.

Cynthia is quoted as saying, “I just feel like there’s some things that never really came out in the season that I’m sure, I don’t know why I believe this, but I kind of think they’re going to come up today.” Porsha, thinks she is going to say nothing and sit pretty, this is what she is quoted as saying, “I’m not going to do any explaining, but there are some who need to explain, and maybe they prepared for that.”

We will have to sit back and listen to Shereé and Kenya argue again about whose home is better, whose home is in foreclosure and whose home is complete. I could careless about these two going back and forth about a house, the competition is real and a house is supposed to be a home, not a spectacle.

The friendships that joined these ladies together, will definitely be tested as they all come to grips with who they can trust, which is probably nobody and where they stand with one another.

The ladies will be also joined by their husbands, even their ex-husbands this season and what transpired with the entire group as a whole. The divorces of Phaedra and Apollo, Cynthia and Peter, when Andy Cohen asked Peter if he was dating, he replied, “he is seeing someone who is very special to him,” I hope Cynthia finally gets a clue in that beautiful head of hers, that the rumors about her ex and his alleged cheating ways were allegedly true. How he is dating someone that quick? The look on Cynthia’s face was a look of hurt, but she did file for divorce and it will take a minute for her to get over him and move forward with her life. He certainly has, Peter moves on real quick.

The most shocking moments on the reunion is when Kandi checks the f$ck out out Phaedra and when Porsha realizes she has been used by her “so called,” bestie. She breaks down in tears and walks off the stage when she learns that Phaedra basically used her and allowed her to take the heat for the rumors she spread. She can’t believe what Phaedra has done to her, frick and frack is over. Kandi also checks Phaedra, she is in tears and when Kandi cries, its not because she’s weak, she tears up but because she wants to get into Phaedra’s a$$ about the rumors she has been spreading.

Porsha received a cease and desist from Kandi, she cannot talk about the lesbian rumors, the drugs and the sex dungeon, maybe that’s why she decides to take the fifth for this reunion.

Andy Cohen asks the southern bell, “Phaedra, why wouldn’t you admit you just started the rumors? What about the allegations made about Kandi and Todd?” Looks like the drama and the shadiness gets real deep when Porsha asks, “Kandi, what’s going on?” Kandi spills everything and its all about Phaedra and her lies. We have also heard in the streets, that Todd will reveal that Porsha allegedly slept with Apollo before he turned himself into federal prison. Talk about an explosive reunion, even Andy Cohen was shocked by the revelations.

In the teaser, it looks as if Phaedra is running away, she is getting tagged by Kandi, then Porsha and then Kenya, the drama queen. All I know, I am definitely looking forward to this season four part reunion!!