RHOA Reunion Part 4!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion 4 was unnecessary, a part 4 was not needed, the fans or the viewers didn’t learn anything new and Phaedra, Porsha and Kandi’s issues were not properly addressed by Shady A$$ Phaedra.

Phaedra was stuck on stupid when Porsha clearly asked her about the drug rumors? This is a woman who can talk for hours and will cut you in the face with her words, had nothing to say about the rumors she spread against her ex-BFF Kandi and her husband Todd. Phaedra is such a liar and all this back pedaling means nothing, she spread those rumors and she felt no remorse, she didn’t care that her actions have affected not just her but everyone as a whole who is a part of the housewives.

I’m disgusted with her actions, I hope the state bar is looking into Phaedra’a actions, what she did as an attorney is illegal. She needs to pay for her consequences and I really pray she is not apart of the housewives next season.

Kandi and Todd’s credibility could still be an issue because of Phaedra’s lies. Her whack a$$ apology meant absolutely nothing to Porsha or Kandi. She wasn’t sorry for the damage she caused everyone, she wanted to get back at Kandi so bad, she was going to do whatever to make her life just as miserable as hers. What did Kandi do to Phaedra that was so bad that would cause such a devilish reaction from our favorite southern bell?

Everyone thought NeNe Leakes was jealous of Phaedra but she called it from day one and no one wanted to listen, are they listening now? Phaedra has destroyed lives this season and she couldn’t explain the lies, the destruction of Kandi, what kind of a person does that? Phaedra and Kandi were once great friends, sometimes friendships end but DAMN, do you destroy their happiness because you’re miserable?

Porsha was a pawn in Phaedra’s game and its sad it took her this long to figure out. I’m not buying the crocodile tears, I believe Porsha figured it out before the reunion but she just didn’t believe Phaedra would do that to her on purpose. When Phaedra began skating around the truth and saying she didn’t say this or that and Porsha may have misunderstood, that was the clarity that Porsha needed and she left the stage in tears.

Kenya is in the background trying to be seen and heard, this season it wasn’t about her and she craves reality tv attention. She yelled for Porsha and Phaedra to be fired as if she has a leg to stand on. Kenya said Phaedra lies but so does she, we all agree that Phaedra needs to be fired directly from the show and we have wanted drama queen Kenya fired seasons ago but she’s still here.

Its really sad that there was no resolution between these ladies but I would have caught a case, I would have choked the dog sh$t out of Phaedra and I know that Kandi wanted too, but she couldn’t due to her reputation. What happens next with these ladies?