RHOA Reunion Part 2 Sneak Peek!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part 2 Sneak Peek!! Phaedra claims she has proof with her that she and Apollo are in fact divorced, she has the paperwork to prove to Andy Cohen and he calls her out on her lies and her shadiness.

If the world doesn’t know, they will know, Phaedra and Apollo aren’t divorced, the judge wouldn’t sign off on the paperwork because our favorite southern bell spelled her estranged husbands last name Nita when she knows its spelled Nida. She had to refile but she wants to prove to Andy and the ladies that her divorce is final when its not. I will be so glad to watch this episode as all of her lies unfold and we meet the real Shady Phadera Parks!!

We will also get to the opportunity to watch our favorite drama queen Kenya reflect on her complicated relationship with ex-fake boyfriend Matt Jordan who she used as her boy toy on the show. That is my opinion and I’m sticking to it, she can’t even buy a damn man!!!

Shere√© calls out Kenya for always adding fuel to the fire, she craves attention and will do anything to achieve it. She has a need to be relevant and she has a hard on for Porsha. I’m not sure if she is jealous of the way Porsha looks and the opportunities that come her way, where Kenya isn’t getting close to the opportunities that Porsha has received. She may be a little dingy and clueless but she knows how to count her coins, all Kenya knows how to do is stay in other peoples business.

Maybe Kenya should concentrate on her coins and her skin, maybe she would be in a better position than she is now. Stay out of other peoples business until her sh$t is cleaned up.

We also get a chance to witness Sheree’ as her walls break down, she reveals more heartbreaking news with her ex-husband Bob and their marriage which fell apart due to some alleged abuse, physical or mentally. For the first time ever, Sheree’ revealed her struggle with her ex on a couples trip in Hawaii, I think I always knew there was more to their divorce than just the divorce and now it all makes sense. She is such a strong woman and now I see why and where it all came from.

Looking forward to next weeks reunion part 2 special.