RHOA–Porsha Responds To Kandi!!

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Porsha and Kandi are getting real grimy by exposing secrets they shared with each other over petty disagreements. Their friendship will never be the same due to some he say, she say mess and I believe Kandi is more upset that Porsha and Phaedra are becoming extremely close.

If you have been watching the show, it seems like every week Kandi is bringing someone new with her during their outings. Is she trying to let Phaedra and Porsha know she has many friends? Her relationship with Phaedra is tarnished forever and too see the two women she thought she was close with isolate her makes her feel some sort of way.

On the last episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, fans and viewers saw Porsha and Kandi go at it over allegations that they had a sexual experience together. Something Porsha has been denying the entire season and because she is now under attack, she wants to come clean sort of. Who really cares, we wouldn’t give two f$cks if they had a sexual relationship, just own your sh$t.

After Kandi confronted Porsha, telling her to own up to the fact that she offered to “eat her p***y ’til she came,” Porsha denied the claims, saying that Kandi is a “closet lesbian” and even has a side chick. I can believe Kandi could have someone on the side but Porsha also claimed Todd, who’s alter ego is allegedly Marvin has a side chick living in Los Angeles. Porsha may not be that bright but her information on the other ladies is always on point.

Now, it seems as if Porsha is backpedaling as, she says she can’t remember what happened, yeah right she is sounding like Lisa Rinna, they know exactly what they say and it has nothing to do with alcohol. I don’t remember, I was drunk, having a good time,” she told her sister Lauren as she looks at Porsha like a suspect. “I was like beer goggles on 1,000 with Kandi that time in the club and Kandi was sober. Blame it on the Henny!”

We know when Porsha gets the liquor in her, she becomes a different person but she knows what she did with Kandi. But Kandi exposing all the secrets between the ladies she has beef is wrong, even when you fall out with your BFF, you still stay loyal to the secrets, girl code 101!!