RHOA Porsha Flips It On Phaedra

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The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion part 4 aired Sunday night and all of Phaedra’s lies caught up with her. When I say she was stuck on stupid, she was really stuck on stupid.

Reliable sources close to the hit reality show claim that Porsha, crocodile tear crying clueless Porsha has been hanging out in the Atlanta clubs and stating that she and Phaedra are not friends anymore, no more FRICK and FRACK and how she flipped the script on attorney Parks. It looks like Porsha may have got the last laugh but I’m certainly not buying it, Porsha isn’t that bright but I did feel that her tears during the reunion were staged and I indicate that in my recap.

I never felt that Porsha’s tears were real, I felt like she was acting but I just can’t say that she was smart enough to flip the script on Phaedra. If we were to believe these rumors, not only Phaedra but everyone on the show, her fans and viewers underestimated Porsha and maybe she really is intelligent. Nope, I just can’t believe that, she’s dumber than a box of rocks but maybe she just got lucky and was able to use what Phaedra did to her as a way to flip the script and save her job and her reputation.

Whatever the case may have been, Porsha still has her position on the housewives where Phaedra reportedly doesn’t. As previously reported, Phaedra did not receive an invite to return for season 10 and she seems to be a little panicked where she is reaching out to the execs trying to turn her lies around for ratings. Phaedra is so desperate to save her job with Bravo but why would she want to return to a show where no one likes her? Where is all of her jobs and her degrees? She surely has enough to keep her busy, why must she stay on the housewives?

According several sources, Bravo doesn’t want her to return period, point blank. The shows executives along with Andy Cohen doesn’t want Phaedra to return, she has caused so much drama and deceit this season there would be no way for her to recover.

But back to Porsha, she may not be as dumb as we have thought!!